Sometimes I wish I could live in my books.

Often when I’m describing a setting or a particular place in my book, I try to imagine myself actually standing there and then I write everything that catches my interest or stands out as extraordinary. That’s all good, it helps give my reader a clear idea of wha the characters are seeing and experiencing. However, it’s bad when I start yearning for those places myself. I love the towns I’ve created in Puppet Parade so much that I often wish I could live in them, or at least see them in front of me. Authors who get movie deals are so lucky; I would give anything to just see my characters and towns on-screen.

Here is a description Magic, one of the towns in my book:

Magic was absolutely dazzling.

Long towers in all shapes and colours adorned the place; there were yellow, blue, black, grey and fuchsia towers that were either squiggly in shape or otherwise teetering dangerously to one side, towers that seemed to vanish from one place and appear in another and towers that stood so tall you had to crane your neck to see where their turrets touched the sky.

There were other strange-looking buildings too – ones that looked so shaky and bizarre that they must’ve been patched together by magic. One such building was several stories high, each story containing differently coloured rooms that appeared to be placed on top of the other like a child’s building blocks. Around these brightly coloured rooms hung a rickety spiral staircase that a couple of people were now descending. There were even small houses suspended in midair.

Of course, there are many other towns in the book, but Magic is probably my favourite.

Though… I don’t want to live in my book just because of the towns. I mean, sometimes the stress in the real world is just too much to handle that I just wish I could escape somewhere where nobody could find me. I want to write myself into a cosy little place where I can relax and do all the things I like, and then come out when I feel like I’m actually capable of dealing with the world again.

This brings me to the point behind this post – I have to push back my release date a bit. Yeah, that is a bit of a stretch from the way I started this entry, no? Haha. Unfortunately, since I have no means of escaping to my books, the stress of work has caught up with me and I’m finding myself way too swamped to even give my book a final reading. I’m working on a huge project with a very tight deadline. However, I should be done by Thursday, which will give me enough time to plan the release properly.

The new release date shall be the 15th of April. This time I checked to make sure that the date falls on a weekend. Last time I made the mistake of not paying attention to the month, and only realised that the 10th of April was actually a weekday long after… that was a little embarrassing.

But… that’s all for now. Hopefully this time real life doesn’t throw any road blocks at me so I can finally get this book out there!

How do you feel about your books, though? Is there any particular place within them that you’d live to visit someday? =D


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