Publicity is nice. Oh yes it is.

After the initial excitement of publishing your first book wears off, you’re faced with a daunting task: getting people to actually realise that you’ve published a book. It’s not as easy as it seems! In fact, it may be the most difficult of all tasks… especially if you’re only publishing online.

In a bookshop, you can look at a book from all angles, you can flip through its pages and read snippets from any of its parts. But on the Internet, you can take a peek at the first few pages if you’re lucky, otherwise you have to depend on the summary. It’s even more difficult for self-published authors who are trying to make a writing debut… they’ll be lucky to break past the lines of family/friends.

This where reviews come in! Reviews, giveaways, spotlights, interviews… every bit helps. I was lucky enough to get a share of that; here are a couple of recent reviews posted on Book N Beans, Book Passion for Life and The Service Mutations. Madam Peregrine of The Service Mutations conducted an interview with me as well, which you can find here!

Oh, and Holly at Full Moon Bites was kind enough to schedule an opening for my book for her Spotlight Tuesday feature, and you can take a look here. If you follow that link, you’ll find that I’m hosting a giveaway on that blog. So you may want to enter for a chance to win one of 2 free ebooks!

I should probably wrap up this post now; it’s getting uber late and I have to wake up early tomorrow for work. Sadly I’m not famous enough to make a living out of my books yet. =[

Until next post then!

5 thoughts on “Publicity is nice. Oh yes it is.

  1. To me that’s all horrible haha I can’t market myself so have resolved to go the journal/academic route as far as my writing goes. 🙂 I have no interest in a book. At least not for awhile. I loved reading this Zen, a subject I often think about.

    1. Well it’s not easy; I’ll give you that. xD In fact it may be easier to give up, but when people give me nice reviews I can’t help but continue with my marketing attempts!

      Thanks for the comment! =D

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