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So I tried Häagen Dazs for the first time today…

… and honestly I can’t see what the hype’s about.

I’m not saying that it’s not good, but I don’t think it lives up to all the praise it gets. I tried three flavours today – caramel biscuit and cream, crème brûlée and vanilla caramel brownie – topped with butterscotch sauce. They were good, but not all that great. In fact, I soon found myself getting bored with it, and if it weren’t for the fact that Häagen Dazs ice-cream is a bit pricy, I might have abandoned my bowl. Overall it was a disappointing experience, and I’m not sure I’ll go out of my way to have ice-cream there again.

The marbled mud pie I had at a diner later, though, was something else entirely.

Behold the magnificent mud pie.

What you see right there is a combination of chocolate crust, chocolate ice-cream with brownie chunks, topped with caramel and chocolate sauce. I had this for breakfast today (healthy, I know), and I practically swooned when I took my first bite. It was that good, and I know I’ll be returning to that place again for more of that delish pie. It just goes to show that a famous brand does not necessarily mean better or tastier… this pie was loads better than the Häagen Dazs ice-cream, and at least by the end of it, I actually wanted more.

Today was rather nice actually. I picked up my finalized copy of Puppet Parade from the post office, went to an art exhibit  (that was a strange one. I didn’t get the meaning behind anything, but then again I might be artistically-challenged) and made a trip to a bookstore that recently opened in town. It was wonderful; three spacious floors filled with book from floor to ceiling, with comfortable chairs and window seats where you could sit and read, and that’s without mentioning all the gorgeous stationery they sold there. I always love going to bookstores; they’ve got such a homey feel about them and I know I could sit there the whole day if it didn’t seem weird… and if I trusted myself not to buy every single book I find interesting. Just an hour there and I had seven new books in my possession. When I got home I arranged them all on top of each other (along with the other books I have yet to read) in a neat pile.

Which book do you think I should read first?

I can never resist book stores. Even if I know that I have a pile of book sitting on my shelf and waiting to be read (and an even bigger pile of e-books), I just can’t not buy a book when I’m in a book store; it requires a lot of self-restraint which unfortunately I do not have.

So what have you done this weekend? Has it been interesting so far? Did you buy/start reading any new books?

11 thoughts on “So I tried Häagen Dazs for the first time today…

  1. I’m not a big fan of ice cream, unless it’s homemade of course, but caramel and vanilla…I love! And that mud pie looks delicious! As for books mine are in my kindle app here on my computer, but I would so much rather have a paperback, but bookstores around here are far and few.

    1. Ooh, homemade ice-cream is the best! Now that it’s summer, we’ll probably be bringing out our ice-cream machine quite often. The mud pie was indeed delicious – best thing I’ve tried in quite a long while! And that sucks; ebooks just don’t have the same feel as paperbacks. =[

      1. Yep, I’ll pull out mine too! Why is it we wait until summer? lol Yes, paperbacks are the best, but after ording them on Amazon and then having to pay shipping…We used to have a used bookstore where you could take in your old books and they give you so much percent for them and then you could pick up other used books, wished we still had it!

        1. Haha, oh I wouldn’t wait if it weren’t for the possibility of coming down with the flu. Oh dear; shipping can be expensive. =[ And that sounds like a nice library! Though personally I wouldn’t give away any of my books; I’m way too attached. xD

    1. Haha, sorry! You should know that I’m a huge chocoholic and a sweets addict in general, so you should expect these things from me!

    1. There are kinds of ice-cream where you keep wanting more and more, but this ice-cream… I dunno, it wasn’t all that special.

      And yep! I got that book based on a recommendation. Do you like it?

      1. I, years and years ago, read Ender’s Game, Ender’s Shadow, Shadow of the Hegemon, Shadow Puppets, Shadow of the Giant, and First Meetings. Then I bought _Speaker for the Dead_ (sequel to Ender’s Game) about 4 years ago but only barely started it. LOL. Damn, I’m feeling nostalgic…

        1. I heard they were standalone stories though, right? I already have enough trilogies and sequels to catch up on!

        2. They’re 2 parallel series and some side-stories. One series from Ender’s POV and one from Bean’s POV.

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