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I have a will of steel! … or not.

At random moments during work, I will suddenly have a craving for something, whether it’s potato soufflé, caramelised biscuits, Oreos covered with peanut butter and/or Nutella… or like today, tuna.

Yes, I was actually craving tinned tuna at work. Don’t look at me funny; tuna is a perfectly delicious and healthy food, and I like eating it either in a wrap (with mayonnaise, sweet corn and lettuce) or with pasta (my favourite recipe includes lots of steamed veggies and a dollop of mayonnaise mixed altogether – yum).

So I go to the grocery store and pick out a can of tuna, and I tell myself that’s all I’m going to buy, but then I cross some really dangerous territory.

The chocolate aisle.

By now, those of you who’ve been following the blog should know that I’m quite the chocoholic, though today I had tried to convince myself that I’ll walk past those chocolates with their bright wrappers with my head help up high, and I’ll check out with my can of tuna like a good girl. But alas – I have a terribly weak will.

Mars bar (UK style). Photo by sannse.
Who can resist such temptation? Photo by sannse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I tell myself I’ll buy just one chocolate bar, there’s nothing wrong with just one! I pick out a pack of yummy chocolate coated wafers, then my eyes stray towards the Mars bars, sitting so smugly in their box, and my fingers wrap their selves around one before I even know it. But if only I had stopped there! No, no. I then spotted Kinder chocolate, and after my recent post about it here, I just had to have one, right? And right above it, there was a box of Galaxy Flutes, and I grabbed a pack without much thought. I already have three, so why not a fourth one?

My will admits defeat at the slightest signs of temptation, and I’m usually powerless to put up any defences… especially when it comes to chocolate. And occasionally writing.

Remember how I said I wouldn’t start working on another story until I finish my current WIP? Well, I haven’t crumpled down yet, but I can feel my resolution quickly wavering. The solution to this would be to finish my story, but since I barely have time and my muses are far from cooperating, I don’t know how that’s going to get done.

I guess I just have to toughen up my will a little bit. Though meanwhile I’m going to munch happily on my Mars bar!

What about you? Do you have a will of steel? Or do you give in at the slightest of things?

16 thoughts on “I have a will of steel! … or not.

    1. Same here! Price is the only thing that could make me back down, but even then that doesn’t apply to all cases. xD

  1. Thank you so much for the visit to my blog! I came over to check out your blog too. I really like it! 🙂 Love your writing voice! Can’t wait to follow your blog! 🙂 I agree Mars Bars are amazing! My boyfriend eats tuna as well, I am not exactly hooked on it, but, I can see how some people would be!

    1. Aww, thank you! I really appreciate you saying that. =D A lot of people consider Mars bars to be overly sweet, and maybe they are, but sometimes they’re just right for the sugar rush you need. I’m not hooked on tuna, but occasionally I’ll get weird cravings for it, haha.

  2. I’d say that you can work up your willpower like a muscle–start small and work your way up to bigger things–but I’d be afraid of sounding too sanctimonious, ;). I am good with some things, not so much with others, but I am working on it.

    1. Oh, you didn’t come off as sanctimonious, no worries! And I suppose that’s a good method, and I have managed to toughen my will before, but temptation gradually regained control without me noticing it, haha.

  3. When it comes to chocolate, red wine, or coffee I have the will of a wet noodle. Most everything else, though, I have will of steel. 🙂

    Now, I like tuna. I’m with you on this; however, I recently experienced the ready-made tuna salad lunch pack. That, my friend, is not tuna, in case you ever wonder. I read the label and the second ingredient is “heat stable mayonnaise.” Therein lies what could be the trouble with ready-made tuna salad. So, fair warning! 🙂

    1. I usually don’t trust any salads/meals that come ready-made. When tuna is in its cans, you can be sure it has maintained its freshness because it’s sealed, but when it’s opened it loses all freshness, and that can make for something nasty. Thank you for the warning though; I’ll be sure to stay clear off! xD

  4. You need a reason for your will power to work – I lost 5 pounds and now it is easier to pass up all those chocolate bars calling my name–want to lose 5 more, then I will give in again. Love the idea of corn in a tuna wrap–am going to try it.

    1. Oh, I don’t think that’d work for me. I tried cutting down on chocolate before, and I did have a reason. But eventually I went through withdrawals and ended up eating everything, haha. And you should definitely try the tuna wrap, and let me know what you think of it. =D

      Thank you for your comment!

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