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Giveaway Winners!

It has been a week since I posted the giveaway for Puppet Parade, and I finally have the winners! Congratulations to Karen’s Different Corners, tobiaswrites and boomiebol on winning e-book copies of Puppet Parade! I hope you enjoy reading it! Do let me know which formats work best for you, and with your permission, I’ll send the copies to the emails associated with your WordPress accounts. =]

Thank you, everyone, for entering the giveaway! I was actually worried that no-one would enter and I’d be left standing there looking all awkward and embarrassed, haha.

And now that’s done… how are you? How is your week going so far? Personally I’m exhausted, and work’s being really stressful. It’s difficult to imagine that only a couple of days ago I was having a fantastic time watching The Avengers (an amazing movie that I would recommend to everyone) with my best friend. Weekends really need to be longer!

6 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners!

  1. Thank you so very much…I just saw your email this morning. Yes please kindle form is perfect for me…I am so very grateful and happy. Thanks a milee

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