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Things I miss from my childhood

Every once in a while, I’ll see something on the internet or come across something while sorting through all my stuff that’ll make me miss the things that used to make up my childhood. Many of these things are either gone, changed drastically from when I was a kid, or else considered not appropriate for my age. I can’t help but reminiscence though. Here some things from my childhood!

1. Doll Houses

Isn’t that gorgeous? I admit my houses weren’t as pretty… or as expensive – this one costs $82,000. Eep.
(Photo Credit:

I loved playing with doll houses as a little girl. I was an only child for the better part of my childhood, and often I’d find myself playing alone. I used to love playing houses! I had two houses and a bunch of toys that could fit in them and use the furniture, and often I’d spend hours playing pretend games with them and trying to get them to go about their lives. Thinking about it now, it’s kinda like a primitive Sims game, right? Haha.

2. Sweetarts

One of my favourite candies of all time.
(Photo credit: Curtis Gregory Perry)

I used to find rolls of Sweetarts all over the place when I was little, and I bought them quite often. I loved the tangy flavour, though I couldn’t eat too many all at once. I made sure that by the end of the roll I had one from each colour remaining. After a long absence, I’m slowly starting to find them in bits and places in some select shops. Makes me happy every time I spot them.

3. Runts

I saw these at a movie theatre the other day. I can’t tell you just how happy I was!
(Photo credit: Bludgeoner86)

Now this one is a bit obscure… or at least it was where I lived. But I delighted every time I found a box of them. I was particularly fond of the strawberry one, prolly because of its shape. I really hope they start making a comeback; I need more great candy around here!

4. Kinder Surprise

A german Kinder Surprise
In my day this was the best treat you could get!
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love Kinder Surprise. Depending on the prize contained inside, this egg could either make or ruin my day. I used to be so upset when I got a puzzle! But I’d console myself with the delicious chocolate shell. Kinder Surprise is one of the things that’s drastically different these days, and I really don’t like the change. Gone is the shell; now you get something that you can eat up with a spoon. =[

5. UNO

Probably the best card game of all time. At least to me. (Photo credit: Natecull)

UNO was the answer to boredom. When your house doesn’t have an internet connection or cable television, you have to make do. And I made do with UNO. The UNO would be brought up almost every time people got together, and they’d play with these colourful cards for hours. Whenever the +4 card came up, you knew you were totally doomed, haha.

6. Pokémon

English: Logo of Pokemon franchise based on DV...
Yes, yes I do like Pokémon. Don’t judge me!(Photo credit: Wikipedia) 

I was among the first in my group of friends to watch Pokémon, and I gradually got them all hooked. It was new, and we hadn’t seen anything like it before. We loved all the new creatures, and we wished our mothers would let us go on journeys like all the kids in the show did… Mind you though, I like the original Pokémon series the most. Now it has changed so much I don’t even have the heart to watch it anymore.

7. Tamagotchi

A Tamagotchi Connexion V1
These were a complete fad for a few years.(Photo credit: Wikipedia) 

Do you remember the time when these little gadgets were seen almost everywhere? Everyone I knew was raising a tamagotchi of their own, and we we were all so obsessed, taking these little things to school with us, sneaking them in our pencil cases… I remember that I got three (a cat which I accidentally dropped in some water, a dog which I accidentally dropped from the balcony, and a fish that I forgot at the place of some distant relatives), and by then people had forgotten about them so I didn’t bother getting a new one. I still miss them though!

8. Fox Kids

Fox Kids Australia
Best cartoon channel as far as I’m concerned. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Through Fox Kids I was introduced to various amazing shows such as Thundercats, Silverhawks, X-Men and many more. My grandmother had cable (oh the irony) and when we’d visit her I would stay glued to the TV, watching show after awesome show.

9. Gameboy

Gameboy Advance On
Still one of the best gadgets in my opinion.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know Gameboys are not a thing of the past, but it has been so long since I played that I really do miss them. Pokémon games were my favourite to play, and I’d spend hours playing until I’m jolted back to reality by the blinking red light telling me my battery is almost empty.

10. Whistle Pops

I’ve played so many tunes on this.
(Photo Credit:

Whistle Pops were always such a treat. I loved the watermelon flavour the most, and I made sure to play the tunes attached to the wrapper several time before I devoured it. I don’t even remember the last time I’ve seen these!

11. Goosebumps

(Photo Credit: Unknown)

So much love for the Goosebumps series. I used to read whatever book I could get my hands on. Thankfully my school library had a large collection, and I would borrow a new one every few days. Eventually I progressed to R. L. Stine’s Fear Street books, but I will always love Goosebumps; they were actually the books that prompted me to get back into writing. Oh, and I can’t forget the Give Yourself Goosebumps books. Those were awesome. =D

12. Mr. Hiccup

I doubt anyone knows this show, but it’s always been a favourite!
(Photo Credit:

Even though this show is Italian, it somehow made its way to my TV channels and I’m so glad it did! It’s hilarious to say the least, and follows the accidents of this little guy who often has hiccups so bad they often put him in awkward situations. I do recommend you look for him on YouTube. You won’t regret it!

13. Writing by Hand

(Photo Credit: Unknown)

I didn’t have a computer when I was first starting out as a writer. Even when I did, my computer usage time was very limited, so mostly I wrote by hand. I had many notebooks where I would write story after story, and I would write them very quickly too. I remember that I could get through one notebook in a week without getting tired or having any finger-ache. But now I can’t do that anymore. I’m so used to typing that writing for long periods of time causes my fingers and wrist to ache. =[

14. School

English: Ipswich School library View towards t...
Not my school, but it looks pretty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, I know… who could miss school, you say? But I do. I don’t miss studying itself, but I miss my friends and my teachers, and the sense of closeness I had with them that one can’t experience in university. I miss school because at that time my only worry was getting good grades and having fun with my friends. It was one of the best times in my life.

These are but some of the things I miss from my childhood. What about you? What do you miss? =]


20 thoughts on “Things I miss from my childhood

  1. I love this post! I find myself thinking about a lot of things from my childhood. I think that’s something that is really important to writers. I love kinder surprises… I had my first one in 2010 when I came to Australia to study abroad. 🙂 Have loved them ever since!! 😛 Oh and did you know there is a Tamagotchi for iphone? haha… I just found that out!

    1. It is definitely important! I think many things from one’s childhood help shape how they become as a writer. Kinder Surprise are great! Though they were much better before… unless you still get them with a chocolate shell? And really? That’s pretty cool!

  2. This post made me smile. It made me think about the things I grew up with. From your list, number 13 is what I miss the most. Writing on paper gives me a sense of freedom. I believe it is because I know I can’t press the backspace. For the same reason, I just write, without caring about misspells or anything else for that matter. So, occasionally, I do write on paper, to let my mind go.

    Great Post!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad it made you smile. =D I miss writing on paper so much too, and it does give a sense of freedom, because you can do so much on paper… like doodles for example, haha. Writers should make it a habit to write on paper… if even for a little bit!

    1. Ooh, I’d love to play! It’s such a fun game. =D
      And it’s pretty expensive, isn’t it? I wonder what about it that made it cost so much.
      Thank you, Karen!

  3. …everything started getting so complicated after dolls started renting apartments. Additionally, I was having tamagotchi funerals maybe every two days. I don’t miss those. Still, great post. Great memories.

    1. Or getting houses that cost more than normal houses, no? Haha. And ouch, every two days? You didn’t take good care of your pets, did you?
      I’m glad you like the post! =]

  4. Kinder surprises and writing by hand…are you sure you haven’t been watching me? I still have both those things. Sometimes together, although it can make the paper a bit messy.

    I miss the beach being fun. Sand used to be able to occupy me for hours and it would take up my entire world. Now it just seems to make me think far too much.

    1. Haha, I haven’t! But you’re really lucky to still have them, and I can imagine how they’d be messy.
      I’m the exact opposite… I can’t stand the beach or the sea. I guess I can see its appeal, but it’s not for me!

  5. I found myself nodding at a lot of items (like doll houses, hard candies) on your list, though having grown up in India they definitely had a different look/shape/color for me.

    I miss school, too. Okay, I confess, I miss it not only for the good-times-with-friends aspect of it, but also for the adrenaline rush before an exam and the relief after :).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    1. Hey, I’m actually the same way! I miss the sharing of notes and last minute revisions, and the relief afterwards was definitely great. =D
      Thank you for your comment!

  6. Number 6 was what caught my attention! We know well how some people tend to judge us who used to love the Pokemon series, but I don’t regret being a fan at all. I also have to agree that the new seasons don’t have the same spark as the older versions. Thanks for dropping by my blog and liking my post. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I know about the judgmental people. It’s sad! Pokémon is a great series and really fun to watch, and it has spawned great games.
      Thanks for the comment! =D

  7. I miss:

    – “puppy in my pocket” and the other spin off little plastic creatures. I have 30 odd Teddy in My Pocket figurines.

    – the resurgence of the cabbage patch kids

    – push pops

    – catalogs. We used to get these huge catalogs, with pages upon pages of STUFF. Clothes, toys, it was like online shopping, only better because it came in a giant bathroom friendly magazine.

    1. I remember all those things! Push pops were delicious, though they were incredibly sticky, haha.
      Catalogues are awesome too. I used to like Ikea catalogues quite a lot. =]

      Thank you for your comment, Sylvia!

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    Zen from Zen Scribbles posted an article about things she missed from her childhood. Among this list is seemingly the staples of most if not all 90’s children, so me being from the same era, I can identify. Pokemon, Gameboy, Fox Kids, Goosebumps were all my favorites when I was a kid myself. It was a nice and refreshing read to look back at a completely different era. Congratulations on Zen Scribbles for your Weekend Reblog!

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