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Write me a meal.

I love descriptions of food. There are so many ways by which you can describe its appearance, flavour and smell, and when done well, a description can enable you to taste what you’re reading about. Just like it can make you picture a scene in front of you or experience a certain emotion. I want to write a novel about food someday, if only because I know I’d have a field day researching different meals. And I will. I’m already playing with a few elements in the back of my mind.

We start with appearance. When a dish is placed in front of you, it should be aesthetically pleasing, right? You could claim that something is delicious, but if it looks icky then you’d have to pay me to try it.  I want descriptions that can actually make my mouth water without the need to rely on pictures.

A thick slice of a layered cake with elegant decorations, a large plate of fettuccine Alfredo with white sauce and tender bits of grilled chicken, a juicy steak with crisscrossing grill lines coupled with a large dollop of mashed potatoes drizzled with thick gravy, a tall glass filled with colourful layers of fresh fruit juice, a bubbling plate of macaroni and melted cheese. Will you look at that beautiful swirl of velvety dark chocolate mousse and caramel? Oh my, that salmon looks every so delicious with its creamy white sauce, sprinkle of herbs and side of steamed vegetables with vibrant colours.

Then we have the smell. What can you smell? Can you catch a whiff of sickly sweet caramel? The heavenly smell of freshly baked bread? The spiciness of curry? Who can forget the smell of a cake baking in the oven? The fragrant smell of tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce that have been drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice? Or could you be partial to the aromatic and rich smell of coffee? Has the sweet and sugary smell of these delectable cinnamon rolls wafted to your nose? Inhale the simple yet delicious smell of steaming white rice, or that soft scent of vanilla.

And finally… taste. The moment your lips close around your spoon or fork, and flavours start attacking your taste buds… what can you pick out? The pungent spices? The cold and refreshing rush of watermelon ice-cream perhaps? The indulging sweetness of a chocolate fudge cake with the creamiest frosting? A fluffy soufflé that melts in your mouth? Or maybe the combined sweetness and sourness of an exotic chicken dish? Can I interest you in a flaky pastry adorned with powdered sugar, which crumbles into your mouth and allows a silky cream filling to leak into your mouth?

Is your mouth watering yet? 😉

No, really, I would like to know if I’ve managed to make you the slightest of bits hungry, because if not then I obviously need to step up my act, haha. Though now I’m going to attempt to seal the deal by throwing in a picture of the dessert I had the other day.

A delicious fudge cake with butter-cream frosting and yummy macaroons from my favourite dessert place.

18 thoughts on “Write me a meal.

  1. Well done!

    This was a fun post for me because food and cooking is a central theme in my book. My friend told me it took him a long time to finish the book because he kept wandering into the kitchen for something to eat! I consider that high praise.

  2. The macaroons look delicious. Your post above makes for a great writing exercise – writing about a dessert is so indulgent and would force one to use all the senses to describe it.

        1. Perhaps! Though I can think of other things that can be considered the epitome of scrumptious nibbling. xD

  3. Definitely made me hungry. Have you heard of the writer Diane Mott Davidson? I love her novels because she always includes food description- she writes thrillers about a caterer who solves mysteries! At the end of the book she even has the recipes for the foods she described. Just wanted to recommend her so you can check her out and start working on your future novel :)!

    1. Thanks! And thank you for letting me know about this author. I spotted one book titled “Dying for Chocolate” among the things she’s written, I will most definitely have to check it out. =D

  4. I’ve eaten a fair bit today, and yet…my mouth is watering and I can now feel my stomach begging for more food. Great descriptions – I agree, I love reading descriptions of food, especially ones (like yours) that really make my mouth water. I swear it’s why they add descriptiongs to Menu rather than just names and pictures. I’ve never really tried writing about food, though. Something I’m going to have to try.

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