Reading and Writing Positions

Picture this: you’re quite engrossed in a book you’re reading, you’re getting to an exciting part when suddenly, out of nowhere, you get a cramp or else start to feel really uncomfortable with the way you’re sitting, and you have to settle in a more comfortable position before you can continue.

I find that I have to do that often when I’m reading a book. For example, I can’t lay down on my stomach with my face propped up on my elbows because eventually my hands start to hurt. I can’t read while sitting upright on a chair because for some reason that just feels weird to me. I can’t read while lying flat on my back with the book raised over my head. I can manage to read while I’m lying on my side, but that can get irksome after a bit because – depending on what side you lay on – one page will be difficult to read.

(Source: Kate Beaton)

For me, the best way to read is propped up against a number of pillows or sitting on those big comfy reclining armchairs. I would also love to get a rocking chair! Another place I like to read is – and don’t laugh – the bathroom. For some reason, I find it rather quiet and peaceful, and I’ve often spent a long time perched on that seat and reading my way through books. I’ve been called strange for it, but hey. To each their own! While on the subject of bathrooms, I’ve noticed that I often get story ideas in there, haha.

Doesn’t that look utterly comfortable? You just pull the lever on the side and up comes the base and you can push the back into a sleeping position.

As for writing, I have a pretty set position. I like to sit on a chair that’s slightly reclining and put my feet up. If I’m writing a particularly intense scene or feeling too engrossed, I usually put my feet down and lean forward towards the computer. One thing’s for sure though, I can’t write while I’m in bed. I get too comfy and end up feeling sleepy or else dozing off entirely over the keyboard (I’ve gotten key prints all over the left side of my face once).

When I’m writing on paper, however, I get all hunched up over my notebook, gripping my pen or pencil so tightly you’d think I was trying to strangle it, haha. Usually I prefer to write by pencil though; I don’t like getting  ink marks all over my hands. They can be so difficult to get off!

How about you? How do you all read and write? Is there anyone who likes to read in the bathroom too?


20 thoughts on “Reading and Writing Positions

  1. Daniel Koeker says:

    You know how I feel about the bathroom. Kehe.

    When I write on my computer, I’m sitting comfortably in my desk chair, sometimes my legs folded underneath me instead of feet on the floor, but I prefer sitting up straight or leaning forward a bit. I feel like I’m doing too much to take too much of a relaxed position. Writing on paper I’m the same as you, though I’m not quite to the point of trying to kill my writing utensil.

    When I read I get a bit more comfortable. It’s usually still in my chair because I don’t have many other places to go, but I’ll put my feet up and lean back and enjoy. Sometimes I’ll take the couch because it is poofy and lovely and comfortable, but I can only do that when everyone else has left, because my family is extremely loud.

    • Pfft. Bathrooms are great for reading!
      I sometimes fold my legs underneath me too, but I get pins and needles way too quickly and that ends up being more uncomfortable than anything else. xD And I’ve been told to stop strangling them, but I can’t. >.>;
      And I’m the same as you when it comes to couches! I only go there when everyone’s out.

  2. Writing on the laptop with my feet up in a recliner is awesome. I like to read outside in a swinging chair, but the mosquitos get to me. I can’t find that comfy position in bed anymore, at least not for long enough to really get into the book, although I’m told the kindle is lighter and offers more flexibility……..

    • You’re right! I forgot to mention that. I like writing in that position too. And awww; a swinging chair would’ve been awesome if it weren’t for the mosquitos. =[ I don’t know if it would differ from a Kindle to an actual book, though; you’d essentially have to find a good position to sit in before you can start reading!

  3. J M Naszady says:

    I admit it. I am another bathroom reader. I have been the recipient of much negative input on the subject. But it IS peaceful in there, and comfortable until my legs fall asleep (poor circulation). I also get ideas for writing in the shower. I used to have lovely conversations with my mom in the bathroom, while she put up her hair old school, in bobby pins and rollers 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad I found someone like me. =D It’s really peaceful in there because nobody would dare bother you! Though I can’t say I’ve had conversations with anyone in there, haha.

  4. My brother just moved in with me and bought the most comfortable lounge suite – they are leather and really well-padded and a joy to sit in, so lately I’ve been reading and writing sitting back into the soft leather. Not much of a bathroom reader, but I love reading in the tub – something that is a bit of a problem now that I mostly buy E-books!

    • That does sound rather comfortable! Though I would prefer plush seating because the leather can get a bit bothersome during hot summer weather. And I can see how an e-reader would be problematic in the bathroom. Be careful!

  5. juliamarisa9 says:

    I have actually found that sitting cross-legged with one of those ikea cushion/laptop surfaces is super comfortable and I only have to change position after an hour or two when my legs have forgotten theyre meant to be straightened.

    When reading – I think I’m actually one of the few people that can read in most positions, laying flat, sitting upright, sidways..etc – if the book is compelling enough then my body will endure!!

    Great Post!

    • Oh dear. I don’t know how you manage to sit cross-legged for too long! It pains me after just a few minutes, haha. And you’re lucky to be able to read in any position! Thank you for your comment. =D

  6. Omg… yes. The three places I get ideas for writing are where I can’t write them down: in the shower, while I’m sleeping, and while I’m driving.
    But the bathroom seems to be my top choice. ;D
    Great post.

    • That always seems to be the case, doesn’t it? It’s as if those ideas know we won’t be able to write them on the spot! Tricky, tricky.
      Thank you for your comment. =D

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