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Monday Blues (and other things)

I dislike Mondays. I don’t see what’s good about a day that tears you away from weekend heaven, a weekend I spent relaxing, watching great movies, reading and writing, eating all sorts of comfort food (pizza, pasta, tuna salad) and following an awesome chocolate mousse recipe… while creating a mess out of the kitchen. I do recommend it though! It’s simple and quite yummy.

It is with a heavy heart that I dragged myself out of bed (not before I pressed the Snooze button a dozen times) this morning and left to work. I’ve started counting down till the next weekend already; it’s about the only thing that can get me through the day! Counting down the hours till I get to go home helps too.

That kinda makes me feel sorry for Monday… no, not really. I still hate it.

However, one good thing happened today! Or rather… it happened last night but I saw it today. I received the One Lovely Blog Award from Spilt Hot Chocolate. This reminded me that I also received a couple of other awards during the week – the Booker Award and the One Lovely Blog Award from Cresting the Words, and the Seven Things About Me Award from AuthorWorld. Thank you so much! It’s nice to be recognized by other bloggers!

While I appreciate the sentiment, it turns out that I’ve received the One Lovely Blog Award and the Booker Award before, so… I’m sorry, ladies! =[ It’s my bad; I should put up a list of the awards I’ve received to avoid any confusion. However, I’ve never received the Seven Things About Me Award, so here goes!

According to the rules, I have to tell everyone seven things about me:

  1. I am often paranoid about everything, down from the way I interact with people to the way I keep thinking that my writing sucks and I will most definitely offend someone.
  2. I like broccoli! Honestly I don’t understand why this yummy vegetable receives so much hate.
  3. While I find most babies cute and love to play with them, I have no desire to become a mother.
  4. Out of all jewelry, I like wearing bracelets the most. However, I rarely wear watches.
  5. My favourite superhero has always been The Green Lantern for some reason.
  6. I’m pretty clueless about what’s going on in the world around me. I mean, I have a general idea, but I don’t really go around looking for news. It gives me a headache.
  7. My all-time favourite video games have always been Crash Bandicoot and Tekken.

Next I have to nominate 7 bloggers for this award:

  2. Patricia Awapara
  3. Daniel Koeker
  4. Maddie Cochere
  5. T. W. Dittmer
  6. Dianne Grey
  7. 31 Leaves of Bri

That’s about it. Feel free to accept this award or leave it! Meanwhile I’m just going to slug through the rest of this day. What are some things that help you get through Mondays?

25 thoughts on “Monday Blues (and other things)

  1. Hi Zen,
    Well done on all the awards!
    I am the same as you when it comes to the news. I definitely do not go searching for it, it’s all too depressing nowadays.

    I must admit, I hate mondays too. I find a hot chocolate picks me up for a bit, chatting to my best friend generally helps and at times like that I try and distract myself with my writing.

    If all else fails I am just quiet and sad for the whole day! I am starting to do swimming on a Monday evening now to give me something to look forward to during the day. So maybe you could try something like that?

    4 days left until the weekend & counting hehe πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks, Georgie! I appreciate it. =D
      And I know, right? People tell me I shouldn’t be so ignorant, but hearing everything just makes me sad and upset. =[
      Chocolate is a good fix for everything, isn’t it? And I would love to go swimming! Unfortunately I get home late from work everyday and I’m usually too tired to move, haha.
      4 days indeed!

      1. I am told exactly the same thing Zen. Why upset myself unnecessarily?

        It certainly is! πŸ™‚

        I am working late today so am missing swimming. I was really motivated to go as well, such a shame. 😦

        Aww that’s bad, you must work really long hours. Make sure you go home and relax with some chocolate hehe πŸ™‚

        1. Awww. Well, hopefully you can make up for it tomorrow!
          I do have long hours, but I came home and relaxed properly. Ate chocolate mousse and watched Men in Black. =D

  2. You are absolutely right Zen! Broccoli is an amazing vegetable! It is the beans that are the evil master minds of the vegetable world. Those skinny green bastards must be exterminated! Also, congrats on all the awards.

    1. I’m glad you agree! It’s really delicious. =D And I agree that beans are evil. Sure some kinds may taste good, but in general they’re just evil. And thank you!

  3. What a great surprise for me too! I have never received this award before! Thank you very much for the nomination.

    Now, about Mondays. This will probably sound strange, but Mondays do not affect me. As far as I remember, it has not been an issue. I don’t know why, but I get your point. I also enjoy my weekends and would rather do what I want, when I want. However, funny or strange, I just take it for what it is.

    I wish I had some good ideas to share with you. In fact, my older sister has always felt anxious on Sundays, for the same reasons you mentioned above. She has tried couping with it, by finding good things about Mondays.

    I wish for your week to go super fast!! πŸ˜€

    1. You’re welcome, Patricia. =D
      And you’re lucky that Mondays don’t affect you! Back when I was still in university, I didn’t have to worry about Mondays because I didn’t have any classes then, but now that I have a full-time job, I have to deal with it all the time. =[
      I hope it goes quickly too!

      1. Hmmm … time for a little honesty. My son was not planned, and I was not happy. I worked, and I simply went through the motions of taking care of him when I was with him. He was probably 8 mos. old before I felt I bonded with him. From then until the teen years, being a mother was wonderful. Even though he never got into any trouble, I did not enjoy the teen years, and did not like being a mother. He’s 25 now, and having an adult relationship with him is nice. I still think I’m not mother material, but I was/am a good mother, and I wouldn’t give him back for the world. πŸ™‚

        1. Thank you for your honesty, Maddie! I’m told that mothers bond almost immediately with their kid, even if they didn’t want it in the first place, but I find that difficult to believe. What you said proves my point. I’m glad you have a good relationship with him now though. =]

  4. Congratulations on the awards πŸ™‚ Thank you so much of thinking of me. I’m just about to put up the β€˜Look’ challenge (I’ve been challenged twice now – so I guess I’d better get onto it!) You are one of my nominees – but please don’t feel obliged to accept (after all you have just posted this!)

    I’ll be checking out all your other nominees now πŸ˜€

    PS – I hate Mondays too 😦

    1. Thank you, Dianne! I may do the Look challenge eventually, but I’ll hold out on it for now. Thank you for thinking of me too!
      And Mondays are terrible. =[

  5. Thank you so much for the nomination! How fun, I have not done this yet. πŸ™‚ I have to agree about the news. My mom is always trying to tell me that it is necessary that I know what is going on but I figure, why? Anything important I will be told and the rest is too depressing.

    1. You’re welcome! =D And I agree; there’s already too much going on in our own lives to feel weighted down by all these other depressing news. =[

  6. I only like broccoli when its cooked. I don’t wear bracelets that often. I don’t like paying too much attention to the news, it can become depressing. Congratulations on the awards!!!

    1. Agreed! Raw broccoli is just not the same. And the news these days seems to be more depressing than ever; there are always so many people dying. =[
      Thanks, Daphne!

  7. Congrats on the awards! πŸ™‚
    My favorite way to get through monday is to have something to look forward to monday night…a movie, tv show, a nice dinner, or just some down time with a book!

    1. Thanks, Andrea! That’s a great idea. =D On Monday I came home and watched Men in Black with my fiance, and the day got all better, haha.

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