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Food won’t magically appear if you open the fridge.

I’m sure you experience this feeling at least once a day. Even though you know for certain that there’s nothing in the fridge, you still open it in the hopes that between the last time you opened it (five minutes ago) and now, something will have appeared in there. In a way, that’s kinda similar to when you open a blank document repeatedly, hoping that words will come out, even though you know you completely lack inspiration.

I don’t have anything in my fridge right now, and I don’t feel like going to the store so I have one of two options: either make my snack mood go away or make something from scratch. Since arguing with my snack mood is a losing battle, I have attempted to make something from scratch. Note that scratch for me means boiling water and adding Jell-O mix, haha.

That is the fridge of my dreams… only mine is bigger and filled with more chocolate. I’m so envious of the owner of that fridge you have no idea.

Staring at a blank document, however… that’s tricky. I’ve seen many people say that you should force yourself to write even if your muse is MIA, that you won’t get anything done if keep waiting for inspiration, write now and fix everything later… while the last piece of advice works well for events such as NaNoWriMo, I don’t think it’s useful in the long run.

I don’t try to write when I’m not in the mood. Why agonize over that haunting blinking cursor on a blank Word document when I can do something else? Why can’t I just close it and move on to something else? Some people would call that procrastination in disguise, but how is it so when you’re actively trying to find inspiration? Whether you choose to spend your time reading books, working on other projects, watching movies or hanging out with friends, inspiration can strike you anywhere at any time… even during your sleep.

I know I would most probably delete everything I forced myself to write, and that feels like a waste of time to me… especially when I don’t even have enough free time to begin with. Just because you’re a writer doesn’t mean you have to write every day. So when your idea well is dry, it’s okay to close that document, walk away and find something else to do.

What do you do when you’re out of ideas? Do you force yourself to write or do you try to distract yourself? Is your fridge currently empty? πŸ˜‰

For the mean time I’m going to stick the Jell-O in the freezer because I’m getting impatient, haha.

34 thoughts on “Food won’t magically appear if you open the fridge.

  1. I hardly ever force myself to write when I don’t feel like it. I feel that if I’m not writing when I’m really feeling it, I’m doing myself a disservice and wasting my time. I acknowledge that I’m not in a place to write and I’ll go do other things. Sometimes I can help the muse along with music, food, etc. but otherwise I know the mood will return. No point in trying to force it, I think.

    1. Agreed! It seems like something a masochist would do… forcing themselves to write even if they’re absolutely unhappy with what they’re writing. Food helps. Especially chocolate. =D

  2. If I’m facing a blank page and I’m not typing like a madwoman – I walk away. I do some gardening or go to the shops, because you can bet as soon as I leave that computer the ideas start to flow. I’ve never been one to force myslef to write πŸ˜€

    Great post, Zen πŸ˜‰

    1. Gardening and shopping sound like a great way to kill non-writing time! I especially agree with shopping, because I usually feel in a much better mood when I get back from it, haha.
      Thank you, Dianne!

      1. So true!!! I’ve said some really dumb things in comments before that are typos – I might have to write a post about them one day πŸ˜‰ (ie – I was supposed to write ‘you’re a saint’ in one comment and wrote ‘you’re a santa’, instead!) hahahaha

  3. I used to think that, but waiting for inspiration to strike me is like hoping I’ll win the Lottery without buying a ticket. There are many times I have no idea what to blog about, for example, but because I made a commitment to myself to blog every week, I do stare at the blank screen until words come out.

    1. I guess to each their own, right? Personally I’d end up feeling extremely agitated and restless if I were to just stare at the screen, but if you can do it, then kudos to you!

  4. Stuck and can’t write, I go for coffee with a friend, kayaking, cycling anything but sit and stare at that blank page in front of me. As Spider Robinson at a book signing in Vancouver, once told me be committed to your writing, just don’t be attached to the process.

    1. Those are really wise words. Just because we write doesn’t mean we have to spend every waking moment fixated before our computers. Thanks for your comment! =]

  5. My fridge is definitely empty today! I just want someone to bring me something… As far as writing it really depends. If I have (for whatever reason) committed to writing and there’s nothing to write about I’ll often “write a letter” even if I’ve no intention of sending it. As a worst case scenario I’ll go shopping for bloggers and count writing comments as writing. Hey we all appreciate it when someone does more than press like right?

    1. I hope somebody ended up getting you something! =[ And I must say that’s a great way to keep writing even if you’re not novel-inspired. And I agree! Comments are definitely better. πŸ˜‰

  6. my fridge is woefully barren – I just shredded some cheese on nachos and had a glass of secco — I approach my writing the same way–sometimes you have to do it whether you have much to work with or not — I have to turn out a certain amount of writing for a deadline that does not move, so sometimes I keep writing until the muse finally wakes up

    1. Cheese and nachos sound good! And I suppose working with a deadline would require you to force yourself to write, which is why I try to avoid setting any for myself!

    1. Hmm. Wouldn’t you still have to fill it though? I mean, Hermione stuffed her purse with all the books; they didn’t just magically appear in there upon her command. =o

  7. I don’t force myself to write either, for the exact same reasons as you! When I’m out of ideas…I’m just out! But I usually make up for it my having mad writing sessions when the inspiration does come knocking again πŸ™‚

    And seriously, now that’s what I call a fridge! Lol

    1. I do that too! Once inspiration hits I don’t stop until I run completely dry, haha.
      And I know right? I’m so jealous.I want a fridge like that!

  8. In forced writings defense I have written myself into a writing mood before. But I admit its rare. Usually though I come out with junk anyway. Haha!

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