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Birthdays should be official holidays! [and a giveaway]

For the last three years my birthday was during the weekend or otherwise on a day where I didn’t have school/work, but today it’s on a Tuesday, which generally sucks, but I’m going to look on the bright side and be thankful that it’s not a Monday and that I’m back to even numbers in terms of age. Yay!

Apart from work, today was pretty nice. I got paid, I went out for cake and books (I got Looking for Alaska by John Green; One Day by David Nicholls; and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell) with my friends and then got treated to more cake at home! I’ve got so much sugar in my blood stream it’s making me hyper, haha.

Here are some pictures from today. First we have this cake that is made of 90% dark Swiss chocolate. It’s called a Pavé, and it was so rich I couldn’t even finish it!

The richest cake I’ve ever had!

Then we have something called a Twix Pie, which is really rich too. Crumbly crust with smooth, delicious caramel and a layer of delicious chocolate sprinkled with nuts!

Gives a whole new meaning to Twix.

Finally, we had a delicious cake with layers of cake, pistachio cream and cherries, coated with a thick layer of chocolate mousse and garnished with a sugary cherry. Oh, and of course there are the lavender and raspberry macaroons. =D

This had a really unique flavour!

And if that wasn’t enough, there was also a chocolate cake waiting for me when I got home, topped with chocolate balls filled with pastry cream! Yum. Oh, and that chocolate slab says, “Happy birthday, Zeinab!” in Arabic.

I was too full by then to eat any more than a thin slice!

Now… even though it’s my birthday, I would like to give you all a gift because you’re awesome people and it’s generally nice to receive gifts. In order to collect your gift, use this promo code (XQ64F) to download a free copy of Puppet Parade from Smashwords! =] This promo code lasts until the 18th of October, so get it while it’s still hot! … or something. Oh, and I keep forgetting mention… you also have the chance to win one of two physical copies of Puppet Parade on Goodreads!

Also, because I always close off my entries with a question… what is your favourite birthday memory? Or what is the best gift you’ve ever received?

I hope the 16th of October is/was great for you! =]

51 thoughts on “Birthdays should be official holidays! [and a giveaway]

  1. That pave cake looks like a cake sized piece of fudge! I love that your family wrote in Arabic on your cake at home. Tomorrow vege’s and protien. Today let’s eat cake. Happy birthday!

    1. It was more or less like that! By the end of it I was so overloaded with sugar I couldn’t even finish. My family does that every year! And yes, everyone should indulge on their birthday. =D Thank you, Lisa!

  2. Happy birthday :)!!! Sounds like you had a yummy good day…I think my 21st birthday…cos I had a party and it was so much fun….I had at least 8 cakes lol. N

  3. Happy Birthday too you!!! I absolutely agree that birthdays should be official holidays. I see you enjoyed yours in yummy style! Well done. My favourite birthday memory was two years ago…spending those precious moments with my mother. Here’s to you and your day! Cheers.

    1. Thank you! And I really wish they gave days off on birthdays. It should be part of our rights as humans! And I did. All the cakes were delicious! And that sounds like a nice memory. =]

  4. Happy Birthday Dear Zen! My goodness that’s a lot of chocolate. You should have enough for two weeks 🙂 I knew Cloud Atlas was a book, but I’ve never read it. Thank you so much for the gift!

    1. Thank you! Actually the chocolate will probably be gone by tomorrow, haha. And I wanted to read Cloud Atlas before the movie comes out. I’ve been looking for it for months, so I was happy to find it. =D

      1. I want to do that too, but I bought a ton of books this month already! I have a bit of a space issue going on. Papa says I need another bookcase and my question is, where will he find the room to put it? It’s a mystery!

        1. Haha, I’m running out of space for my books too! I’m getting a custom-made bookcase done for me and it should be ready by the end of the month. Can’t wait to arrange my books on the shelves!

        2. Exactly, which is why I’m wondering where we will fit another. Papa joked about about suspending my books from the ceiling…That or piling them on my bed and finding another place for me to sleep.

        3. That would be problematic! Have you considered just installing random shelves around the room? This would give you the chance to buy some really cool book ends. =]

        4. Every inch of my walls is covered in some way, lol. If I wasn’t worried about creepers and it looking like a mess I’d post pics.

    1. وإنت بخير، عليا، شكراً
      Aww, that sucks. =[ I would hate to have a birthday around such a time. But at least you can celebrate after they’re over! And I think you downloaded a copy of the book, right? I hope you enjoy it! =D

  5. Happy birthday for yesterday Zen!

    Thank you for sharing your day with us. Those cakes look AMAZING! My mouth is watering just looking at them. How did you manage to make it through the day with all that sugar and chocolate running through you 🙂

    I downloaded a copy of your book, so will add it to my ever growing reading list.

    My favourite present has to be my Kindle. It is one of the best electronic devices I’ve ever had!


    1. Thank you!
      They were incredible! Honestly by the time I had my birthday cake I was stuffed to bursting with cake and I couldn’t look at it anymore!
      I hope you enjoy the book! And I can imagine how it would be great to have a Kindle. I’m getting a Nexus 7 this month, so I’m pretty excited. =D

      1. Blimey I bet! All those cakes look gorgeous though, you are so lucky!
        Oooh excellent! I can imagine how excited you are. I love getting new things to play around with. Enjoy 🙂

  6. I’m sorry I’m late! Happy, happy birthday and I hope you did not have a sugar overdose – those cakes look AMAZING! All the best and health and happiness for the next year!

  7. Great post Zen. Hope you had a fabulous Birthday! Really enjoy those cake pictures. There’s currently a hole in my screen from where I took a bite out of it. As for your question…my best birthday moment was when the woman of my dreams who at the time was one of my best friends came over from America and not five seconds later became my girlfriend. Cheers!

    1. Thank you! It was nice. And oh dear, they do look too good, don’t they? Haha.
      And that sounds like a great birthday moment! Five seconds must be a record!

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