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Of silver linings and mailbox surprises.

The statistical probability of everything going wrong is directly proportional to my level of busyness; that is, the more work and obligations I have, the more likely things will go wrong… and usually when it rains on my parade, it pours. Quite a lot.

Not exactly silver, but close enough!

I was psyched for November. I had a novel idea spinning in my head and I wanted to write it, and I started NaNoWriMo with great momentum. I thought that hey, I might actually be able to get to fifty thousand words, that this year will be a lot better than the last one. Unfortunately, however, work happened. In my fiancé’s words, my clients exist to make my life miserable.

At first I thought it was no big deal. Even if I have a humungous document to translate and I have to work on it from home as well, I can still make some time to write. 1,666 words are not a lot when you think about it. That was my first silver lining. However, it was soon shot down when lo and behold, my laptop decides to crash. Repeatedly. It tricked me into thinking that I’d fixed it for three or four days before finally refusing to start altogether. Thankfully everything had been backed up, but I ended up having to replace the hard disk. HOWEVER. My computer technician was kind enough to replace my annoying Windows Vista with a brand-spanking-new Windows 7. That was my second silver lining.

Isn’t that pretty? It’s so pretty I’m afraid to take it out of its box!

At around the same time my laptop crashed, I received a lovely package from Daniel in the mail. As I mentioned before, I love receiving letters and things by regular mail,  it always makes me happy… especially now when it contained some of my favourite things ever – a steampunk necklace, See’s chocolates and a swanky new Google Nexus 7 tablet. No more will I have to read eBooks on my computer! Now if only I can find a way around Amazon so I can download all the eBooks I want…

I’m actually fighting the temptation to finish the whole box in one go. It’s a miracle I’ve still got some left.

Work is still being a complete pain, and there is no way I’ll be able to finish my novel in the next two days, but you know what? I’m surprisingly okay with that. Work will be work, and at least I got a head start on my book (though I do feel a bit sad that I didn’t win again this year). My third silver lining through it all is that Daniel was always there, cheering me on, hearing out my rants and suggesting ways to get back at my clients, haha.

Do you tend to look for silver linings too, or do you generally feel pessimistic when things go bad? Do you love receiving things in the mail too? =D

28 thoughts on “Of silver linings and mailbox surprises.

  1. Ooooo!!! Steampunk, chocolate and tablet! I rushed to see if my mailbox would hold any surprises. Bah, it’s empty like normal (unless you’re counting the gazillion store ads I keep getting). I hope you’ll do a review of the tablet once you’ve gotten familiar with it. You should go to Barnes and Noble and see if you can get the Nook App for your tablet, then you can shop both amazon and BN.

    On the NaNo topic, it sounds like you did better than I did. I was revved up for November, but I was kind of at a loss. I wasn’t sure what wanted to work on. I had a few stories ideas but nothing solid. Thanks to my hubby and talking about ideas out loud to him (he’s my hero) and him giving me some feedback, I’ve decided to merge a few different story ideas into a new one.

    So, while I didn’t even get started on NaNo this year (grrr), I kind of feel like my goal of completing a full length novel is more realistic to what I want to do. NaNo sounds like a great way to start, but I don’t want to fall into a typical Melanie trap of having a start but no finish. I have decided to not start writing this story until I have it a little more solid. I have a beginning. I have an end. Now I want to plan a tentative road map for that journey.

    Maybe we can be rebels and do our own NaNo on our own agenda? hehe.

    1. Awww. Well, maybe you’ll get some surprises soon! Keep your fingers crossed. And I’m planning to post about my tablet soon, no worries. So far I absolutely love it. It’s so sleek and SHINY, haha. And I don’t have B&N where I live, so I doubt that would work. =[

      I was pretty revved for November too, but sadly real life got in the way of that. However, it’s good that you managed to work out your story ideas; that’s always good!

      I often start things but stop midway, but I’m learning my lesson! No more new stories for me until I finish my WIPs, haha. And hey, I don’t see why we can’t. =D Good luck to you, Melanie!

  2. Computers are a pain when they go bonkers, but I have no idea how authors ever finished a novel without them. It must have taken a lot more thought than I can come up with. Oh! Chocolate!

  3. Strangely enough – I just remembered when I read your post that when the moon came up last night there was a cloud in front of it and it had a silver lining, so I’ve been thinking about silver linings all day!

    I absolutely LOVE your presents (and yes – I would have eaten all those chocolates at once) 😀

    1. That sounds like it could’ve been a pretty sight! You should’ve taken a picture.
      Well I’m glad to hear that (and good that I’m not the only one, haha)!

  4. A pessimist is the title an optimist gives to a realist. Pessimism should not be looked down upon, and if negativity is something that one feels then it simply means that you are still alive. Things do go wrong, and planning for such negative occurrences and embracing the negativity of said occurrences is a great way to move forward successfully and ensure that it does not hinder you in the future by transpiring again. Silver Linings could on occasion prevent a person from seeing the gravity of a situation. Just my opinion. Oh, and good post! Sorry you didn’t reach your total score.

    1. Hmmm. I don’t think a pessimist and a realist are one person. While the realist does plan for negative occurrences, he may still be optimistic about things working well. However, a pessimist will always lean towards negativity without even opening himself to the possibility that things just might go well.
      Thank you, though! And oh well. I guess I’ll just have to finish it on my own time now, haha.

  5. Silver linings are the best. The head start on the novel is a perfect way to look at the month. I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that this year the challenge was too much. Maybe there’s something in the air.

  6. I’m a silver lining kind of girl. I tend to laugh when everything goes wrong, and I can usually find the good side of everything. … Daniel is such a sweetheart! Wonderful gifts! I like getting things in the mail, but I have much more fun sending things in the mail.

    1. As I mentioned above, I do try to find the good side after I’ve done a fair share of pouting and huffing, haha. And he is! The gifts are wonderful. =D We always send each other things in the mail, but there’s always the niggling worry that they will be lost. =[

  7. Shinies and chocolate always make things better! ^^ And good for you, staying positive through it all. Moping around doesn’t help or change anything, and certainly doesn’t make you feel any better.

    1. They do indeed. =D And exactly! I’m steadily making my way through the novel, and I feel somehow more inspired now that the weight of NaNo has been lifted off my shoulders.
      How did you do on NaNo? Did you manage to get 50k?

        1. I know what you mean! If you skip a day or two you get all frantic trying to catch up.
          But that’s awesome. Congratulations! =D

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