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Come to the dark side. We have an internal light source!

In the raging war of real books vs. e-readers, I always preferred to stay on the fence. I adore books. I love to go to bookshops and just lose myself between the aisles, run my hands across the spins, sit down on the floor (no matter how cold!) and flip through the pages. It’s one of my favourite activities, and while I preferred real books over digital ones, I really didn’t see a problem with e-readers.

Now that I have a tablet I can use to read e-books, I can definitely see the appeal behind them. No, I have not forsaken real books; I even bought ten new books in the past week, and I know will probably get more soon, but I will also read e-books on my tablet, especially in the dark.

As a bibliophile, I’ve often struggled with reading before bed. I don’t have a place to put a bedside lamp, so if I wanted to read, I would have to take into consideration that after I’m done,ย  I would have to drag myself out of bed to switch out the lights. I’m not lazy, but I know that, like me, many others aren’t fond of leaving the comfort of their beds especially after they’re all cosy and warm, sorta like when you snuggle into bed but then remember you have to use the toilet. Not fun in the slightest. But now, thanks to my tablet, I can read and not worry about getting out of bed!

… sheesh. I sound like some cheesy TV commercial.

Yes! Exactly like that, especially during cold winters.
Yes! Exactly like that, especially during cold winters.

Seriously though. I’ve discovered that tablets are extremely useful when reading in bed. I like to curl up on my side, but that’s not the most ideal position for reading because A) the corners of the right page are always difficult to read and B) you’d have to commit an unforgivable act and c-c-crack the spine. *shudders* The tablet solved all three of my problems.

  1. Tablets have their own light source, meaning I can read in the dark quite comfortably and never have to worry about getting up to turn off the lights!
  2. I can easily read in my favourite position because the tablet only has one side and I don’t have to crane my neck to look at the words hidden in the corners.
  3. No spines to crack!
My darling tablet in all its purple glory!
My darling tablet in all its purple glory!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to convince you that e-books/readers are better than books; each one has its own charms and perks. To me, a real book will always come first. I just love the intimacy of holding it between my hands and slowly flipping the pages. I love they way they look on my shelves. However, I also like the coolness of the tablet and the fact that I can store hundreds of books on it… and by using the right cover, you can make it appear more or less like a book. =]

Are you for or against e-books? Any particular reason? What are your bedtime reading rituals like?

29 thoughts on “Come to the dark side. We have an internal light source!

  1. First, I love your purple tablet and your wallpaper. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have a Tablet with over 1,000 books on it, and I have about as many hardcover books in the house. I love both for all the reasons you mention (except the toilet thing), and I still buy hardcover books. When I used to read hardcovers in bed, I always used one of those little book lights that you clip to the cover of the book. It’s so much nicer to read from my Nook in bed.

    1. Thanks! I adore it. And you’re my kind of person. I know there are some who either go for a tablet or hardcovers, with no middle ground. There’s no reason why you can’t use both! I know those book lights, but it feels to me that it’s easier to just read from a tablet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Really inspiring post. I’m sure Kindle and Nook are rubbing their hands together with glee after reading this promotional piece of wisdom.
    I personally don’t have an E-book, but I know many people who do, and all they often have to say about their darling products are positive and pleasant things. The one thing I believe would be an issue with e-books is the battery – when it’s dead, it’s dead – forever. In regards to an actual book, unless you crack the spines (like you pointed out!), tear a page, spill food or liquid upon the text, fold the pages or do any number of other nefarious things to your text, the actual book will live for a period of longevity that the technological text reader will (at this point in time) never be able to live up to. Unless of course you have it connected up to an electrical power socket 24/7, but I can’t imagine that being possible if you happen to be reading on the train or in a park.

    1. Haha, I didn’t intend it as a promotional piece. Just a small observation on my part! Besides, I’m using a Nexus 7. ๐Ÿ˜€
      Agreed. Real books will always be there for you… except when it’s too dark to read the words on the pages. From my experience, reading a book on a tablet doesn’t take up much of the battery. The other day I read for two hours straight and only lost about 5%, so that’s not bad! You should give it a shot, and you don’t necessarily have to buy a Kindle or a Nook. All tablets can be equipped with reading apps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I’ve had my Kindle for years and am addicted to the thing. This year I bought my wife one of the new Kindles which has back-lighting to read by. It’s not a tablet, but she can lay in the dark and read, which she does often. I can’t with my older model. I have to have a light on.

    She’s such a smarty-pants. ๐Ÿ™‚

    There are still books I want in print, and some I still want in a hard cover. I guess it’s because I consider them to be classics, almost a work of art.

    1. Well maybe you’ll get treated to a new Kindle this Christmas. Fingers crossed! ๐Ÿ˜€
      And you make a fair point. There are some books that are too wonderful not to have in print.

  4. Purple tablet – how cool!
    I always have a bedside lamp, couldn’t live without it. But when it’s cold (as right now) and I don’t want my arms or nose sticking out from under the warm blankets, I like to listen to audiobooks on my mp3 player. I find it really soothing, like someone sitting next to you and reading you a bedtime story. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Haha, it’s not actually purple. xD But the cover is purple and I had the background match, so… it’s still a pretty cool tablet though!
      That’s a nice mental image! I admit I’ve never tried audio books before, but I will have to give them a shot soon. Gotta keep up with all this technology, haha.

  5. I recently got a Kindle myself…my very first one! I like your spin on this topic with a focus on the creature comforts. It is so much easier to read in bed with this delightful thing!

    And by the way, we are totally on the same wavelength…I have a similar post coming out next week. : )

    1. Yay! And I’m glad you like it. I always see posts focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of e-readers and whatnot, but nobody ever mentioned how easy it is to read at night with these!
      And I will be sure to check out your post. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. I agree. The e-reader thing is such a huge debate about the “death of books” โ€“ yada, yada, yada.

        I liked your unique perspective…so much in fact that I’m throwing a link to your article in my post. Perfect timing! : )

        1. Yeaaah. I’ve heard too much on the topic it was starting to annoy me.
          And aww, thanks! That’s really nice of you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. All the reasons you’ve mentioned are reasons I’ve considered venturing onto the dark (with an internal light source) side. I still haven’t quite gone over the edge. I do love my books.

    1. I think you can do that with Nook, if I’m not mistaken? (I have an original Nook and I think they used to have a connection at B&N for Nook owners to connect and read books when in the store. I live in Canada now so I can’t do that anymore and rarely use my Nook since I got an iPad. If you have a tablet I’m pretty sure you can connect if the store has wifi?

  7. I like real books and ebooks. I also used to struggle with those book lights (do any of them work longer than a month?). Now I have an iPad and since I do most of my reading at night, I love the internal illumination. I also love that I can change the text size and the amount of light so I don’t disturb hubby by lighting up the whole room. I still buy actual books from time to time because certain ones I just can’t enjoy in ebook format (a beautiful coffee table hardcover with lots of two page photos for instance), but I try to stick to digital. I also shop around to see who has the best price;) I’m very pleased that ebooks have lost their negative stigma in recent years and that tablets have aided in that change of direction. I still love libraries and bookstores, but more often than not I’ll take note of a title and then buy it in e-format when I get home.

    1. Book lights are definitely a hassle. Tablets make it so much more easier to read at night. If only I had one as a kid, I would’ve been able to read under the sheets without being caught by my parents, haha. I think I understand why ebooks were painted in a negative light, but hey, as long as people are still reading, it’s okay, isn’t it? It’s a good thing to make books more accessible!

  8. I do want to purchase an e-reader at some point, but I don’t think I’ll ever give up books completely. I like the idea of having an e-reader to check out books since many libraries now check out e-copies. I’m forever renewing books and struggling to return them to the library on time. So I tend to shop used books stores to buy books instead. I kept holding out on buying one because I kept hearing about all the developments on the horizon in the tablet market. I think I’ll be ready to spring for one in 2013.

    Great topic for discussion!

    1. If you keep holding out you’re going to wait long! New tablets are being produced every day, so it’s better to figure out which one suits your needs and buy it. Personally I’m really pleased with the Nexus 7. It runs on Android and it’s really smooth, and combines the features of both a tablet and an e-reader. Plus the size is great – more or less the size of a paperback. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you, Nicole!

      1. I’m forever comparison shopping between products when it comes to an electronics purchase. I’ll splurge eventually. I entered a raffle at work for an iPad mini. If that doesn’t work out then I’ll have to make a choice on a tablet. I’ll give the Nexus 7 another look. I didn’t know of anyone who had one, so I’m glad you mentioned it.

        1. Well I do that too sometimes, but eventually I grit my teeth and just buy something. I hope you win! And if not, the Nexus 7 is definitely worth looking into. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. My wife sits on the fence of real books vs. e-books, too. Like you, she does come to bed with her e-reader – ah, kindle that is. (i’M e-literate) ๐Ÿ™‚ great bog, zen scribbler!

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