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A room I’ve always dreamed of.

Kids usually dream of owning big houses with swimming pools when they grow up, occupying awesome jobs like astronauts and firefighters and detectives, they dream of the day when they’d have a swimming pool in their backyard which they could jump into from their bedroom window… so compared to them, I’m definitely a little under-ambitious. Well okay I still would like that swimming pool.

I, however, the little bookworm that I was, always dreamed of having my own personal library. Along the years my reading tastes might have changed, my job choice changed, my personality changed… but my desire for a library remained strong and consistent. I can picture it clearly as if I were actually holed up in it.

Ha. I wish.

My dream room is not very big or very small, but the right size to be cosy. It will have four walls, as rooms generally do, but the wall across from the door will be made from glass, and it shall hopefully overlook my swimming pool and have sunlight streaming through it during the day. The other three walls will be made of shelves, shelves upon shelves of books rising from the floor to the ceiling. I want the books to be so tightly pressed together to the point where they might burst out of their shelves and drown me.

I’ve actually been told that I might end up dying under a pile of books, and that’s okay with me!

In the center of the room there shall be a big, plushy couch with a footrest on which I can sit or lay down and read to my heart’s desire. There will be a small table stand next to it on which I may place my mug of coffee or a big slab of chocolate. Between the armchair and the glass wall there will be a big mahogany desk with a glossy surface hidden under a scattering of papers, notebooks and pens. And it will have a comfortable chair. None of those chair that kill your back after an extended period of time. And it will swivel. I love swiveling chairs.

I’m lucky that my fiancΓ© also wants a room like this. With two people working towards such a goal, that room can’t be far off. Right? =]

This was written in response to Daily Prompt: Writing Room. Do you have a dream room of your own? Is it still nestled in your mind or has it become a reality?

23 thoughts on “A room I’ve always dreamed of.

  1. That room sounds heavenly. I would add in that the ceiling should be wooden also, to match the bookshelves. And I would also add a big world globe in the corner to give it that extra touch of class πŸ˜€

  2. That sounds lovely, especially the armchair! When I moved into my first house, I was finally able to dedicate a room just for my books which was such a joy. Unfortunately, as it also serves as my office and therefore has a big desk in it, there is no room for a comfy armchair (although I’m certainly not complaining – after years of apartment living, I feel so lucky). Hope you get your dream room soon!

    1. Armchairs strike me as possibly the best seats to sink into and read! And you are definitely lucky; at least you have a room dedicated for your books. Many of us are still installing shelves around our bedroom walls. πŸ˜‰

      1. To tell you the truth, our books have overflowed into our bedroom too and into our dining room (where one wall is just one big bookshelf). The problem with having space and loving books is that you end up living in a library. Not that that’s a problem πŸ™‚

        I’m sure your future house will look the same!

        1. No, it’s not a problem at all! I would love it if my house were the same. Makes everything more inviting and cosy. πŸ˜€

  3. Terrific descriptions! You can truly visualise that dream room of yours. However, one thing I’ve always found from dreams – is that they always lead to you wanting more. I have found that a dream is always picture perfect in your mind, and upon successfully acquiring the dream in reality, it never can quite measure up to original expectations.
    For instance, a couple years ago I wanted a 58 inch screen 3D TV, to play PS3, XBOX360 and PC games on. Long story short I acquired the three gaming platforms and the TV of my dreams, and after a week I concluded – this TV could be a bit bigger. I also decided that I required a glass cabinet to store my games in – and a special cabinet for my controllers and so on and so forth.
    Anyway, I wish you luck in your endeavors Zen, just don’t be surprised if eventually you long for more – like an extra few bookshelves? Or a small microwave to bake cupcakes in?

    1. Well, I think the only thing I have to worry about is the number of books. xD If I see any empty shelves I will want to buy more and more books. Honestly, as long as I have a room dedicated to books in my house, I’ll be happy regardless of whether it turns out like my dream or not.
      Also… I have considered a mini-fridge, not a microwave though!

  4. I love the idea of a library and that you have it so vivid in your mind. For me it’s a writing room. But there will ne tons of books housed there as well as my writing desk. Still in my head but very clear. Can’t wait for it to be a reality. Thanks for sharing your dream room. ~Gail

    1. That’s the idea! I want this dream room to be both a library and a writing room. I think being surrounded by all those books would be very inspiring, no? πŸ™‚

  5. I’ve always wanted a reading room too, or I guess a reading-and-writing room. It needs to be a turret room, round with lots of windows. And one big window with a padded window seat. For a cat to sit on… I need a comfy chair to lounge in, probably a recliner. And a very comfy wooden rocking chair. Built-in wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in cherrywood or honey oak. With a ladder on wheels that slides around the shelves. Sturdy, round table in the middle, on a rug on hardwood floor. An African violet, or perhaps a fern or cactus. Wifi. Thanks for encouraging us to daydream… and I hope your room comes true!

    1. I love the idea of a turret room and a window seat! I can’t believe that escaped my mind. And the ladder too. Gotta have a ladder to reach those top shelves. Your room sounds absolutely lovely, and I hope it comes true for you as well! πŸ˜€

  6. Love your library room idea…have something a little like that except still in process of creating it…I took all my school and business clutter out of the room (retired now), painted the walls a soft colour, have new funky polka dot teal and brown drapes and one wall of books….have a lamp that is made of twigs decorated with pinecones, big desk, chair(rolls, swivels) and my grandmother’s 2 antique embroderied chairs and footstool…need a special carpet but waiting to get one ( thre old one out) till bull dog pup stops doing unpleasant things to any carpet or mat she sees…

    1. Oh dear. I can’t believe I missed this comment! It’s awesome that you started working on your library, and it sounds so lovely! You need to lock that room at all times to prevent the dog from entering, haha.

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