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I see dead people.

Well… not exactly, but I watched The Sixth Sense the other day and that’s the first title that came to mind. The movie reminded me of a little incident that happened to me when I was but a wee eight-year-old. Most people don’t believe me when I retell it, but it’s the kind of incident that you wouldn’t forget about in a hurry.

Today’s daily prompt asks us to write an “adventure” and let the readers guess the ending. This incident does qualify as somewhat of an adventure, especially as it has supernatural elements in it. That may immediately cause you to question the credibility of this story, and maybe you would like to ask me if maybe my imagination was acting up. But for now, I’ll just tell you what happened. 

As an eight-year-old, I was still an only child and thus slept in a room all by myself. I woke up one night – either to drink water or make a quick trip to the bathroom, I don’t really recall – and, after rubbing sleep out of my eyes, I saw my dad standing at the foot of the bed. Now what, you’ll ask me, is so strange about that? Well, nothing… if your dad is usually transparent. He stood there, grinning and gesturing for me to come forward, and slowly started to approach me.

I did not scream or cower (I was really brave, see?). I scrambled out of bed and made a beeline for my parents’ bedroom. Imagine my shock when I saw dad sleeping in the bed next to mum, while that other dad still continued to follow me, that creepy grin still plastered on his face. I did the most sensible thing and shook dad awake with a “Dad! Wake up! There’s a guy who looks just like you!” 

Aaaaaand this is where I’ll stop. What do you think happened then? =]

Edited to include the ending: 

The transparent dad was much too close for comfort by then, and he was still gesturing for me to come forward. For a moment I considered going to him, but I decided that his grin was much too creepy. I shook my dad awake again, and the moment he blinked into consciousness, the transparent dad vanished, grin and all. Dad told me I was dreaming, much to my indignation, and even mum was reluctant to believe me when I told her the next morning. I still convinced them to let me sleep between them for the next day or two.

That might seem anti-climactic to you, but that incident had a bad effect on me. I developed a fear of the dark, and to this day I can’t walk into a dark place without a feeling of panic gnawing at my chest. But… there you have it, an ending to my story, haha.

55 thoughts on “I see dead people.

        1. Good thing indeed! And I’m glad someone believes the story – it’s creepy enough knowing it without people thinking you’re delusional. xD

  1. As your dad opened his eyes, the apparition disappeared… because the spirit you had seen was just a projection from your father’s dream. It was his way of looking out for you while he was sleeping and was no longer needed when he was awake and could do the job himself.

    1. You are the only one to guess it right! I think it was an out-of-body experience, but… I guess we’ll never know! (I did include the ending in the post now)

      1. An excellent guess on my part. Look at me guy – must be all my experience with the supernatural. I’m pretty sure that most people have some sort of fear of the dark – we all just have different ways of handling it.

        1. You’ve had similar experiences too? You should share! 😀 I guess that’s true, but I was pretty fearless before that night, so it saddens me.

        2. I think having it be a household topic for so long ahead of time, and wanting to see George for so long as well kind of helped prepare me for the actual experience.

    1. Dad did go back to sleep, but mum never woke up! I just nestled between them wide awake the whole night, haha. Post edited to include the ending, by the way!

      1. I live in a world where a lot of people have experience with astral projections of people they know. So, no not really. 🙂 Sorry it scared you so much though.

        1. When she comes back, we may be hearing the story of when her chocolate addiction started. You say ice cream; I say Dad took her to the kitchen for chocolate cake. 🙂

        2. I wish I could tell you there was chocolate, but no. 😦 Also… sad story, I actually do not remember when my chocoholism started!

    1. If he had done that I would’ve made it a habit to wake them up at night with claims of creepy transparent… things. 😉 I included the ending now!

  2. Scary for a dream! I have a fair share of those and sometimes some are too vivid to forget. See how you are still afraid of the dark? Me, too!

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