In Celebration of World Book Day.

World-Book-DayWe have days for nearly everything. There’s Pie Day, Popcorn Day, Chocolate Cake Day, Tolkein Reading Day… so it’s only natural that we have a World Book Day. Incidentally, it’s also Talk Like Shakespeare Day. I thought of writing this whole post in Shakespearean English, then I decided it would be a) too difficult and b) too annoying. πŸ˜‰

But I went off on a tangent there. Today is first and foremost World Book Day! Even if you don’t like Shakespeare, you probably like other books, and now is the time to celebrate them. How do I plan on celebrating World Book Day? Well, one would naturally assume that I’ll go book shopping, right? There is no such thing as too many books, is there? Unfortunately, it goes against my resolutions for 2013… that and my shelves are now overflowing. Though maybe I’ll buy an eBook or two. That’s not so bad, is it?

Aaaaaand I’m going off on a tangent again… in celebration of World Book Day, I’m going to – for the time being – list the reasons why I think books are fantastic.

Or you can wear them as actual accessories if you're so inclined!

Or you can wear them as actual accessories if you’re so inclined!

1. Books are fabulous accessories. All you need to do to impress people or have them think you’re smart is carry a book along, or adorn your walls with beautiful hardcovers. A book strategically turned face down more than halfway through will make you seem like an avid reader. Just make sure you never hold it upside down.

2. Books are wonderful conversation-starters. How many times has a book saved you from an awkward exchange of, “Lovely weather we’re having today?” A common favourite might start a conversation lasting hours, a book spotted in the hands of a stranger might lead to an intimate connection… or you might engage into a full-on fandom war, but hey – at least it got you talking, right?

3. Books make awesome snuggle buddies. Oh I know many of you prefer snuggling with your significant others, but books deserve some love too. I love curling up under the covers with a book to keep me company. It feels so cosy and happy, especially when accompanied by a steaming mug of Hot Chocolate or tea.

books are better4. Books are the best kind of friends. We all have friends who complain when we ignore them or neglect to contact them for a few days. But not books. No, books will wait patiently for you to return to them, waiting at the same point you left them at, and you will reunite with them seamlessly… or maybe you will flip through a few pages to refresh your memory… but your reunion will still be glorious!

5. Book shopping is not guilt-inducing. Unlike shoes, clothes, sweets and other commodities, there is no reason to feel guilty about buying books. Next to carrier bags filled with new clothing items and beauty products, your book purchases will look quite meaningful and you will feel like your money was well-spent.

They even bottle the scent these days. It's that awesome.

They even bottle the scent these days. It’s that awesome.

6. Books smell even more heavenly the older they get. That’s not to say that books don’t smell nice when you first buy them, but in general, old things don’t smell too nice, do they? Not books, though. You don’t have to worry about any mold or decay or an overwhelming smell of cats, no, you will stick your nose between the pages and you will inhale and you will absolutely love it.

7. Books do not make you wait to find what’s going to happen… unless it has a sequel, of course. But really, is there anything more annoying than commercials that interrupt you right when things start to get intense and, to add insult to injury, go on for a good ten minutes?

8. Books save on travel expenses and reduce your exposure to neighboring airplane passengers who just won’t shut up during the flight. They transport you to all sorts of amazing places and fantastical worlds from the comfort of your home and for a very meager price.

So… do you think I missed anything? Why do you think books are amazing? What are you planning to do today in celebration of this event? Are you reading anything special? Personally, I’m reading Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway. πŸ™‚



24 thoughts on “In Celebration of World Book Day.

  1. What I’m reading now:”the hill of evil counsel” ,by Amos Oz
    Just started it ,10 ‘ ago…
    (Hope it’ beautiful like many other books of the same author,I red.)
    I didn’t ‘t know today’s is World Book Day…..Thank you, Zen !

  2. I didn’t even know there was such a day, but I guess it makes sense considering how there is a day for everything else. And I think you covered all the benefits of books beautifully!

  3. Your love affair with books is quite admirable ma’am. At present I’m reading this book, I don’t know if you’ve heard of it; it’s called Puppet Parade. I’m approximately a fifth of the way through the text, where the lead characters go to a town comprised of tents!
    Just a note; you stated that books make one look more intelligent and I, hands down, agree with your assertions, however, books can also make you look nerdy from my experience and unfortunately nerdiness is not often associated with awesomeness.

    • Why… I think I may have heard of it once or twice. πŸ˜‰ I’m glad to hear that you’re reading it… and hopefully enjoying it!
      Also, that is a valid point. However, thankfully, I’ve only been called a bookworm for my choice in book accessories, never a nerd!

  4. AH! It’s world book day! No! I should have posted about that!
    Damn… at least I got to read this wonderful post. You do books a great credit with such wonderful compliments.
    Also, do you know if Brave New World is any good?

    • It’s not too late you know! And I’m glad you enjoyed the post.
      I’m afraid I only heard of this book now when you mentioned it. Looking it up, however, it sounds like an interesting dystopian novel!

    • Happy World Book Day to you too, Dianne!
      And yes! It’s my worry that some day we won’t be able to read a book without having advertisements blaring at us from every page.

  5. I just finished reading Gone Girl a few days ago… I recommend it! Also, about the purchase of books not being guilt-inducing, not always true. It’s all fun and games until your Barnes and Noble bill goes over $100, that’s when shit gets real.

    • I can’t remember the times I’ve picked up Gone Girl and put it down again. Next time I’m holding on to it! And fair enough. Admittedly my book bills never went over $100, but if they did I’d probably be considering where to cut down on expenses to make up for that purchase, haha.

  6. I love books, as in the physical books! E-books are nice for saving space and such, but a physical book makes me feel “connected” to the book.

    I don’t mean to sound esoterica, but it’s almost as if books have souls.Sometimes when I read e-books, I feel like I’m not really reading anything, or something that is hollow. That said, I also like the robust nature of a physical book.

    I kinda missed World Book Day, because I have a lot of work on my plate (once again) and I’ve become sick. So I’m sniffing and couching my way through a world that seems confusingly nonsensical. Even words seems to melt and jump around now unfortunately. Luckily I did buy some medicine yesterday, so I should be fine soon.

    I’m reading “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe at the moment for English Studies, and I actually like reading it, even though I’m kinda forced to read it.

    • Agreed. There’s an intimate relationship between a physical book and a reader that an eBook can’t provide, and I think I have an idea of what you mean by “hollow”.
      And I’m sorry to hear that you were sick! =[ I really hope you’re feeling better now.
      You know, I don’t think I ever read that book… then again, I’ve never been big on classics. πŸ˜‰

  7. I missed World Book Day, but every day is book day to me. πŸ™‚ I’m reading The Seneca Scourge by fellow WordPressian, Carrie Rubin. I had to take a break while my Kindle charges, and then will be back at it this evening.

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