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Rescue me from your spam queues!

The defendant, Zen of Zen Scribbles, writer, editor and chocoholic extraordinaire, charged with spamming the blogs of several innocents here on WordPress and disturbing their peace, pleads innocent! She has always left comments relevant to the subject matter being discussed in the post, and even when she had nothing substantial to say, she tried her best to be supportive in the very least.

It was a bit shocking for her to find out that for some reason the claimant, Akismet, had flagged her and thrown her into the darkest corners of the blogosphere along with genuine spam, where she was subjected to grammatically incompetent Chinese advertisements and overly enthusiastic individuals singing the praises of blogs they had never read. Not to mention the ones that looked so normal it was difficult to discern whether they were trying to trick her or not. It was a nightmare! If she wasn’t simply interested in being released, she would have pressed charges on the grounds of abuse and mistreatment!

The defendant turns to the jury and pleads with them to review the quality of her comments and decide for themselves whether they are really so bad to warrant being given the spam treatment and banished away from the public.

So… yeah, haha… I’ve found out that the comments I’ve been leaving are getting marked as spam. 😦 It would be awesome if you could rescue me from there, otherwise Akismet will keep flagging me and that’s… well, that’s just mean. Unless, of course, you do not like my comments… so feel free to ignore this message. >.>

While we’re on the topic, do you tend to check your spam folder at all? Have you ever been marked as spam yourself?

40 thoughts on “Rescue me from your spam queues!

  1. Bah; sorry to hear. I ran into this problem a while back. It took me ages to work out what was going on, though Akismet were quick to fix it once I complained; have you contacted them about this?

    Incidentally, I haven’t checked my spam queue in a while…huh…

    1. Thanks, Carrie! I’ve tried commenting again today and I wasn’t flagged as spam, so I guess the problem has been solved! I guess it took just one person to unflag my comment so Akismet would recognize I’m… well, ham. xD So I have you to thank for that!

  2. That’s terrible! I used to check my spam folder regularly, but after awhile decided I trusted the engine for the most part and haven’t for a long time. Now I’ll have to look for you.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I often sneak a peak into my Spam folder because I know that some people had this problem before, and it would suck if their thought-out comments were lost forever!

  3. Haha love the way you went about this post. I went through a patch where all my comments were getting marked as spam too, I had to contact WordPress to fix the problem.

    I check my spam every day (maybe a little sad but true) so if anyone gets misplaced in there I find them straight away. 🙂

    1. Oh yeah! I remember that. I had to rescue you from the spam queue too. xD And I don’t think it’s sad – first hand experience makes one extra careful!

  4. So that is why you ended up in my spam folder. I had that happened to me a year or so ago. It was awful. I finally got help from a WordPress techie who fixed the problem. I’ll see if I can remember how I connected with him. Good luck!

        1. I don’t understand why it would do this. You’d think that after commenting several times on a blog the filter would’ve realised you’re not spam!

  5. What a bunch of horse poop! Sorry to hear that, doll.

    Your comments are showing up just fine at my place, but I’m going to take a look at my spam folder and make sure nobody else ended up in there with the Viagara and horrendous grammar.

  6. I’m so glad you posted this, Zen. I never look in my spam folder. There were over 60 comments, and all were absolute garbage with the exception of one – YOU! You have been freed from the likes of Pelvic Floor Exercises. 😉

  7. I normally check my spam every few days and guess what…

    …I hadn’t checked it for a while and I just found you in there all alone and crying! Yikes – I felt so bad I released you as quickly as possible! 😀

  8. Nobody has ever told me if I was ever sent to spam… And, I only check my spam folder once a month or so. I guess I should be better at checking it but in the year and half I’ve been blogging, I’ve only found 2 comments in there that weren’t actually spam. So, normally the filters do pretty good.

    1. Yeah, for the most part they work well for me, but I’ve known two other bloggers to have the same problem so I tend to check it every once in a while to make sure nobody’s stranded in there!

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