Sweet Snapshot Sunday #1

When things hit  you hardest, you treat yourself. Or at least, that’s what I think you should do.

I didn’t have the greatest of weeks. Though things are a bit better now, if I had known that this week is going to be this bad I would’ve gone back to the week referred to a post I put up at the beginning of March and called it acceptable. But I guess that’s besides the point right now. I’m on the road to recovery right now, and hopefully it’s a smooth ride.

Nadia suggested the title “Sweet Snapshot Sunday” for whenever I wanted to make a post talking about the yummy edibles I consume. So here are this week’s sweet snapshots!

I wish I could tell you that I deeply enjoyed every one of these things. I wish I could describe the exact flavours. But I can’t. I have a bad cold, and my taste buds are failing me. I could only just barely register the taste of the dark chocolate base used in the Chocolate Cheesecake… and I struggled with everything else. It was really disappointing. 😦 I also bought some macaroons (which got a bit smashed in the bag and are thus not worthy of a picture), but I haven’t eaten them yet – I at least want to enjoy those!

Have you had any sweet things lately? Care to share? Is anybody else but me suffering from this bad weather that seems to be spreading everywhere? *sneezes*


34 thoughts on “Sweet Snapshot Sunday #1

  1. Being a foodie myself, I exactly know how irritating it is when your taste buds fail you.:(
    These desserts look amazing!! I have been eating a lot of Indian sweets lately and I absolutely love it 😉

  2. Gesundheit! I recommend lots of hot tea and chicken soup. Chinese hot-and-sour soup is also very good for fighting colds. Spices are good germ-killers.

    As for the sweets pictured above, I want all of them. Especially the peanut butter cream pie. Mmmmm.

  3. I wouldn’t even know where to go to buy such wonders, Zen. Those cheesecakes are mouth-watering to look at.

    A head cold is such a drag. I sure hope you feel back to you old self soon.

    • The trick is to look far and deep! I always discover heavenly dessert shops tucked away in all sorts of corners!

      And I hope so too. 😦 Thank you, Maddie!

    • That they are! Ooh – a salted caramel cupcake sounds delicious. One of my macaroons is salted caramel too, but I’m saving it until I can taste it properly, haha.

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