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Don’t forget to eat chocolate!

This reminder might seem unnecessary to some, because of course chocolate is not something one would forget to eat. However, it is highly important that you have some today, because the 13th of September happens to be International Chocolate Day!

I have been obsessing over this since last night, trying to figure out how to celebrate it. I am extremely busy with work but a day like this cannot go unnoticed! First I figured I could buy some chocolate bars, but that seemed like a poor way to celebrate, then I upgraded my thinking process to baked goodies (cakes, brownies, cookies) but even those didn’t make it feel all that special… plus I would end up with a destroyed kitchen that would take hours to clean.

So I went all the way. An international day celebrating the thing I love most had to be given its proper due, and that meant going to a patisserie and buying ALL THE THINGS. Well… erm, some things anyway. I had ice-cream and an assortment of cakes!

How else can you celebrate ICD? Well, I dug into the deep recesses of the mind and came up with the following list:

  1. Bake something. I know I ditched that idea, but I would have still gone for it if I had enough time on my hands. In fact, I’m going to make a couple of suggestions that are both easy and delicious – Frugal Feeding’s Mocha Mousse recipe is to die for, and I have never seen a Chocolate Soufflé recipe easier than the one prepared by ChefSteps. Also, Hershey has an awesome Chocolate Cheesecake recipe I absolutely love.
  2. Treat the people you love. If there’s one thing that’s better than chocolate, it’s giving it to the people you care about, especially if they love chocolate. Trust me, you’ll be doing them a huge favour.
  3. Abandon all diets! Er… that is not to say that you should go overboard, but you cannot let the day pass without indulging in a nice, moist slice of chocolate cake dripping with chocolate ganache, for example. 😉
  4. Spread the word! Tweet about it, post a blog post, even inform your local patisseries (mine had no idea what today was!).
  5. Read a book about chocolate. I don’t know about you, but I love combining things I love – chocolate and books is the perfect combination. I looked through my shelves and luckily enough I found a book that fits the bill!
So it doesn't have chocolate on the cover. It's still about sweets!
So it doesn’t have chocolate on the cover. It’s still about sweets!

Here are a few other alternatives for the literary minds (click on pictures to go to Goodreads and read summaries):

The Chocolate Cat Caper     chocolat     68615        candy freak    loveliest   chocolate touch        6464094    9923756    20821407

So… how will you celebrate the day? Did you buy some chocolate already? Did you know that eating chocolate does not actually cause pimples?!


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