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Sweet Snapshot Sunday #4

One post ago I mentioned that I was going to be moving. At the time, I didn’t really believe it. Even though I was packing and having such a difficult time deciding which books I should take with me, it still hadn’t sunk it that in a few days time I was going to find myself in an entirely different country. For some reason this made me very depressed, and I was susceptible to random bouts of crying.

Thankfully, that’s behind me now. I guess I should give a bit more information… I’ve moved to Dubai, UAE. Some of you might remember that I’ve spent the first 19 years of my life there before eventually going to Lebanon. This country is more of a home to me than my actual home country. It’s where I grew up, it’s where I feel comfortable, it’s where I feel free to be myself. It’s changed a bit in the few years I was away, it grew and developed… but I still see in it the home I once left behind.

But I’m happy now. I’m starting my independent life. I take the metro to work every day, I have morning walks by the edge of the lake on my way to the office, I’m taking charge of my work, I’m hunting for an apartment, I’m getting all my paperwork in order… and I’m also of course discovering all the new dessert spots in town. 😉

Triple Chocolate Cake
Triple Chocolate Cake

Now I understand Gloria Jean’s Coffees has branches all over the world, but this is the first time I’ve tried anything from it. But oh my was it delicious. The cakes were absolutely swoon-worthy and I loved the toffee nut chiller was super yummy.

Caramel Cheesecake
Caramel Cheesecake

I will try my best to keep up with the blogosphere, but my life just got a tonne more hectic and demanding. Besides work (I’m a translator for a tourism company – it’s fun!) and the hunt for the perfect apartment, there’s also the tiny little bit about possibly attempting NaNoWriMo this year to finish either editing my novels or writing Penny For Your Dreams. Though I will be making a post soon about the awesome bookshop that will now become my new haunt!

Had anything sweet lately? Will you be attempting NaNoWriMo this year? Any fun stories to share? 😀


16 thoughts on “Sweet Snapshot Sunday #4

  1. That cheesecake looks delicious! My friends that used to live in Dubai sued to take their kids to SKiDubai (or something like that) – where you can ski, indoors of course. Once you settle in, maybe you’ll try it, haha!

    The start of a move is always stressful and exciting at the same time – sounds like you’re getting grounded again and can’t wait to hear about your bookstore finds.

    1. Oh I’ve tried SkiDubai before! It’s wonderful! And so very cold. xD They equip you with heavy coats and boots before you go in, and then you get to go in and play with the snow. I loved it.

      The only thing that’s stressing me out right now is the apartment hunt. Unfortunately, because of Dubai Expo 2020, rent seems to have spiked up, so it’s proving difficult to find something decent within my budget. =[

      And I will be sure to post about my books very soon. 😀

      1. That happened to me when I moved to London – the flats were particularly expensive at that time period and I had to decide between a tiny one in a good neighborhood or a bigger one in an ok neighborhood (I chose the second, but should have gone with the first!).

        Hope you find your new home soon!

        1. I feel I may end up doing the same too, getting the tiny apartment that is. =[ Though I want to find something that I can stay in for a good while, and a small one might be suffocating.

          I really really hope so too!

  2. Congrats on surviving the move, honey! I know it’s not easy. We’ve always been interested in Dubai so it looks like we have a buddy to meet up with when we make it out one day. Dessert bender!!!

  3. 7:30 isn’t to early in the morning for chocolate, right? Cause those look delicious, and now I’m craving something similar. haha XD

    As for NaNo, I am having a hectic time of life as well and opted for a mini-NaNo this year: 500 words a day… with an option on a secondary 1,000 words a day goal if I feel like really pushing it. ^-^

    1. Nope! It’s not early at all! Go treat yourself!

      Hey, that’s a nice goal. Better than nothing. And certainly better than me. My word count currently stands at 0. >.>

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