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Spring Cleaning!

Here in Dubai we’ve basically skipped Spring and jumped right into Summer, but I’m going to pretend it’s Spring because the heat is not yet overwhelming enough to melt my eyes out of my sockets. Taking a little inspiration from Maddie, I feel it’s time for a post long overdue; after all, it’s been almost five months since I moved and I have yet to say anything about that. So this is a sort of “cleaning” post – I’m dusting off my blog and poking those cobwebs out of the corners, in hopes that I’ll be more active here over the coming months.

Though I’m from Lebanon, I was born and raised in UAE, and spent over 19 years of my life here – it’s more of a home to me than Lebanon will ever be. In Zen’s Grand Life Plan, returning to this country was a high priority. I had to make it happen. It wasn’t just an option. It was difficult, but I made it happen. So now I’m back home, and I feel happier than I’ve ever been in a very long time.

I finally have my own place in the middle of a skyscraper community. It’s a cute little studio, which I’ve decked with purple. Seriously – purple crockery, cutlery, bathroom stuff, bed sheets… it’s not completely Zenified yet, but I’m getting there! Next step – a PURPLE COUCH. Maybe. >.>;

The neighbourhood is lovely, I have a park right under my building, and the towers are all built around big lakes, which are pretty despite being artificial! In fact, here’s a picture from my bedroom window.

That’s the entrance of the park, and you can see the lake to the side!

Another perk of this neighbourhood is that it’s a 10-minute walk to my office building, and a 5-minute walk to the metro station. On my way to and from work I am able to take a nice walk around the lakes, which I’ve really come to enjoy. My job is hectic and I’m always busy, but my boss and colleagues are pretty nice so it makes the day go by a lot faster.

PLUS – and this is the most important thing – I have managed to locate several amazing dessert places here and it’s proving very difficult to keep my money in my pocket! But I’m behaving I promise, I’ve never had to pay rent or bills before, so I’m keeping a budget to make sure I don’t end up in a sticky situation.

Some desserts I’ve picked up around here:

What else, what else? Well… now that I live alone, I do all the cooking. Before I would make a dish or two when I felt like it, but these days I need to find new recipes all the time. I’m always extremely happy when I get a recipe right on first try, and so far I’ve never failed. My proudest moment is when I managed to make Ratatouille. I’d just watched the movie (for like the 10th time) and I could no longer contain my curiosity, so I attempted to make it and – though it didn’t turn out as pretty as Remy’s – IT TASTED SO GOOD. Viola~!

I wish I’d taken a better picture!

I’ve managed to reconnect with almost all my school friends, which is a definite upgrade from Lebanon where I barely knew anyone outside my family circles. One of my friends is a doctor and she – when she’s not studying for exams – often stops by after her on-call evening shifts for a breakfast of french toast and omelettes and pancakes.

When I’m not cooking or hanging out with friends, I spend my time:

  • reading and buying books – the local bookstore is amazing, and there’s so much temptation. Unfortunately I don’t have time to read everything I buy, and I’m already falling behind on my Goodreads challenge. D:
  • editing – I’ll hopefully release the revised edition of Puppet Parade soon, and maybe The Muse Bunny as well!
  • occasionally writing – it’s difficult to get back into the swing of this, but I’m determined to finish my current WIP.
  • and catching up on my favourite shows. I’ve already marathoned through the entire eight seasons of Scrubs (I say eight because Season 9 is dead to me), and I’m looking to binge-watch Friends next!


So that’s about it. Now my blog’s all clean and spotless. How’ve you all been lately? 😀


17 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning!

  1. Sounds like you live in a wonderful place! And it’s a good thing your neighborhood has those artificial lakes to walk around. Sounds like with all those sweet temptations nearby, people might enjoy having a lovely place to walk after eating their treats. 🙂

  2. How wonderful to have the park right next to your flat! And to be so near work and have a metro station nearby is really ideal. Bravo on finding a flat in such a great location.

    A purple sofa!!! Haha! I hope you find it!

    1. Yes! I’m pretty delighted with my find. It’s very convenient. 😀 And I’m not holding my breath! Plus I feel my friends will talk me out of it, haha

  3. I went on vacation to Dubai last month. The day we left it got up to 90 degrees (Fahrenheit) . I live in Maine in the US and the snow here is literally as tall as I am. Today it got up to 40 degrees (also Fahrenheit) and everyone got so excited lol.

    1. Oh that’s nothing. Just you wait – starting May, it will probably get up to 104 at the very least! Thankfully it was a bit cool this weekend (only about 77). I think if it ever got to 40 in Dubai, people would freak out. xD

  4. Your view looks so gorgeous! I’ve wanted to visit Dubai. I hope to do so one year! And also THE DESSERTS geez. You always get me hungry with the delicious pictures of food you post. 8D

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