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Puppet Parade is free on Kindle today & tomorrow!

THIS IS IT. I’ve waited a long time to do this, but I’m finally making use of KDP Select! My fantasy novel, Puppet Parade, is available for free download on Kindle today and tomorrow (21 & 22 August).

Sophie does not know how she looks like. For as long as she can remember, mirrors have been forbidden to her, and her appearance has been touted as hideous… a blemish on the face of her family. When she gets the chance to escape her locked room, she runs and never turns back.

Oliver has forgotten all about the outside world. As far as he is concerned, he only needs his precious puppets to survive. Yet, when they come to life and abandon him without a second thought, he is forced to leave the sheltering comfort of his workshop in search of them.

As they embark together on a wild goose chase for the runaway puppets, they unwittingly step into a prison more sinister than either of them could ever imagine, where the line between puppet and master becomes much less clear – and much more deadly.

Do grab a copy, spread the word if it’s not too much trouble! Meanwhile I’ll sit here and eat my celebratory cake and try not to worry too much about my book stats. xD


16 thoughts on “Puppet Parade is free on Kindle today & tomorrow!

      1. Reading it these past few nights. Really enjoying it, love! It has so much imagination, and I love the feisty puppets.

        BTW, have you seen the movie, Penelope? Adore that film and your book has that feel.

        1. Yay! I’m glad to hear that. 😀

          And oh my gosh I love Penelope! I haven’t seen that movie in ages. Must rewatch it sometime soon!

    1. The cake was absolutely delicious! The cream cheese frosting was super tasty. 😀

      Also – since you missed the promotion, do send me a message through my contact form so I can send you a free copy!

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