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It’s my favourite month again.

It’s been a year, but the best month has finally rolled around. Of course I’m a bit biased. Okay, very biased, but my birthday month trumps all. Around this time of year I list down reasons to try and convince you of the glory that is October. I’ll be doing that again this time, only… I have one more reason to celebrate.

You see, on the 18th of October, I will have made it through my first year of living here in Dubai, by myself, completely independently. This is a huge milestone. One of the biggest in my life. Many thought I couldn’t do it, that I’ll cave and go back to the shelter of my parents’ home in a few months, but… here we are. I don’t have everything figured out yet, but I feel genuinely proud that I’ve managed to come this far. Despite all the hardships and the struggles, I’m happy.

Now that we’ve got all the mushy stuff out of the way, let’s get on to the list. I know everybody likes a list.

tumblr_mtjjk0PQAT1qaxstho1_12801. FALL. In Dubai we don’t get to experience all the lovely colours of autumn, but the temperatures have definitely dipped. On my way to work the other day I actually enjoyed the littlest of cool breezes and didn’t arrive to the office in a melting mess.


2. Sweater weather! I love cozy clothes, though I don’t get to wear them often here. But it gets cool enough in the evenings that I can actually wrap myself up in a soft plush blanket without feeling like I’m punishing myself.


3. All the Halloween candy. This holiday is sadly not widely celebrated here; however, stores make it a point to stock up on all kinds of candy for the occasion, and you bet I’m going to take advantage of that and stuff my face. What. Don’t judge me.


4. All the Halloween movies and episodes! While I’m not big on horror movies, I love a good, old-fashioned Halloween episode. They’re so much fun to watch, and you get a lot of classics playing over and over on TV.


5. Baking! You can afford to stand in the kitchen now with a hot oven, and you can bake to your heart’s content – cookies, cakes, brownies, bread! Nothing beats the smell of something sweet slowly cooking away in the oven.


6. Warm drinks and books. Crack open the tin of cocoa powder and make yourself some Hot Chocolate. Settle down on your favourite seat and open that book. Enjoy. Bonus points if it’s raining gently outside and the droplets are trickling down your window.

7. And of course, my birthday, because it really bears repeating. >.>

Do you like October? Or do you have another favourite month? Tell me why! 🙂

19 thoughts on “It’s my favourite month again.

  1. Happy birthday!! And congrats on the year milestone. That’s wonderful. I like October too because the leaves start to change, but the weather is still relatively warm. Unfortunately, it also means winter is coming. That part’s not so fun.

    1. Thank you , Carrie! 😀 When I was still in Lebanon I would dread winter too, but here in Dubai the weather would not dip below 70 F, so it’s very pleasant!

  2. A year on your own, in Dubai, that’s worthy of celebration in itself. Add to that, your birthday month, well, let’s bring out the candy! I love autumn as well, especially since moving here to the East Coast of the U.S. where the leaves turn beautiful colors and the evenings become cool. It’s very cozy indeed.

    1. Yes! Let’s bring out a lot of candy – this October is going to be fantastic, I can feel it. I would love to see the beautiful colours of fall, but unfortunately we don’t get them here. Oh well, at least the weather is pleasant enough!

  3. Happy October-month-of-the-celebration-of-the-birth!!! 😀

    And a big congratulations on your 12 months of independence.

    I love your list. In Australia it is now Spring and that’s why I love this month 😀

    1. Hahahaha, thank you, Dianne! That’s the first time I’ve heard that greeting, and I have been waiting so long to hit the 12 months mark!

      Oh, that’s lovely! It’s funny to me how Australia’s weather is always different than anyone else’s. xD

    1. Mine is on the 16th, so yours would be the 14th then? 🙂 Happy birthday in advance!

      And thank you so much for the nomination – I will check it as soon as I can! 😀

  4. Yay! As always, such a fun and uplifting post, Miss Zen.

    Happy October and Birthday to you! I remember when you first moved to Dubai, so I’m super proud of you. I know you’ve experienced a lot this past year and it’s cool to share a bit of life with you from across the globe.

    Cool that they stock up on candy around this time of year, even though Halloween isn’t a thing.

    1. Thank you, Britt! 😀 This year has certainly had a lot of ups and downs, but when it comes down to it, I think it was pretty incredible just the same. I’m always happy to share my experiences here, though I admit I’ve been pretty lazy about it, haha.

      And yesss. I honestly can’t wait!

  5. Love this post. Sometimes it’s the little things that count the most, which I think this list sums up perfectly. 🙂

    Happy Birthday! I hope it was a good one. 🙂 And I am truly awe-inspired that you’ve managed a year living away from home and family, that’s a massive achievement you should be proud of!

    1. Yes! The little things are always the most important.

      Well, my birthday isn’t until the 16th, but thank you! 😀 And I’m definitely proud. And happy. The experience was exactly what I expected it to be and more!

  6. My favourite colour is ..guess what ,October! 🙂
    I do admire your optimism and courage, Zen. Living in a different culture is not always that easy. I’m from Belgium and used to live in Massachusetts for a couple of years but moved to Texas last year and I’m still having a hard time adjusting. Especially because I miss the fall season so much!!! Hardly any trees here and yes, much warmer climate. Thank you for keeping up the spirit and enthusiasm. There’s always something good to be found everywhere. Happy Birthday!

    1. Oh wow… I’m so sorry! I’m usually good at replying to every single person, but I totally missed your comment! 😦

      Thank you for your lovely wishes! It’s now about a year and a half since I came here, and it keeps getting better every day. 😀 I’m sure you will be able to adjust. Soon enough you will feel comfortable enough to call Texas your home!

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