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Fourth NaNo’s a Charm?

For the past three years, I have failed at NaNoWriMo… and it was not for lack of ideas either. As of now, I have at least six ideas in mind that need – no, are begging – to be written, but have been forced to stay in the deepest, darkest recesses of my mind because I simply do not have the time. Life does not allow you to sit down and write when you’re juggling a team of 20 people, freelance work, housework and a growing social life… not to mention a hunger for reading that isn’t getting fulfilled either. Sigh.

BUT this year I have come prepared. This year I have equipped myself with the ultimate writing desk!


Before living alone I’ve never actually had a proper writing desk, and not one I could call my own anyway; I always had to share it with my siblings. So it’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally managed to put together a desk that I would actually love to sit down to – pin boards and inspirational frames and a bookend and colour pens… and of course you can see my obsession with Peanuts. My one problem is that I love it too much and I am always too distracted by it to do any work or writing, haha.

This NaNo, I am going to be alternating between two WIPs – Penny For Your Dreamswhich I started working on a couple of years ago; and Crossroads (working title – still looking for that perfect, catchy title. If you have suggestions I’d love to hear them!), which will be my first stab at YA fiction. The latter is proving too stressful for me because I’m so very anxious about falling into all the typical YA tropes, and I really, really want to make it unique. First draft synopsis coming up!

On a typical day, Drew tries to maintain the façade of student extraordinaire and star of the football team. On a typical day, Drew pretends his best friend isn’t dying. On a typical day, Drew struggles to hold it all together.

On a typical day, Rawiya tries to maintain a low profile. On a typical day, Rawiya pretends her life didn’t drastically change since the incident. On a typical day, Rawiya struggles to justify the hijab on her head… to herself before others.

On a typical day, they would only cross each other’s paths in classes and hallways. Each on the opposite side of the road, each wary of the other, each too fed up with short shelf life friends to even try… after all, what would a Christian like him and a Muslim like her have in common? 

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year? Do you have a writing desk of your own? And… um, does my synopsis seem okay? >.>

13 thoughts on “Fourth NaNo’s a Charm?

  1. I really like the story synopsis! Very compelling, because now I’m dying to know what the heck happens on a NON typical day, lol. Also, your writing desk is gorgeous. I had a writing desk, but now it’s covered in papers and also is freezing cold because it’s no the main floor. Mostly I stay huddled in my room while I write, since I can control the temperature in here. Happy writing 🙂

    1. Hahaha, I guess I abused “typical day” a little too much. xD I am so bad at writing synopses. I have a bad habit of covering surfaces with things that do not belong there, but I’m trying to keep my writing desk clear (for now). And thankfully the weather here does not dip below 20!

      Happy writing to you, too!

  2. Working on two different projects to move them forward–I like that idea. I don’t do NaNo. November is just such a busy month for me. But I wish you and the other writers doing it the best of luck!

    1. There’s a competition I want to enter and the deadline is 5 January, so I thought NaNo would be the perfect opportunity to get a move on, but otherwise November is a killer for me too. 😦 Thank you, though!

  3. I like your writing desk, Zen (no excuses now) 😉 I also like the synopsis. I have never done NaNo although I swear every year I’ll do it ‘next year’. Best of luck 😀

  4. Dude, you have a quill? Bravo. 🙂

    Your desk looks amazing. I had an awesome writer’s nook back in Milwaukee, with a vintage desk that sadly I left behind with my mom-in-law, because we didn’t have space for it here.

    Why? I found I wasn’t using my desk very much. I like to change locations quite a bit when I’m writing: on my bed, in my comfy chair, sprawled out on the floor, outside when the weather’s nice.

    Glad my vintage desk has a good home though…it was super cute!

    Good luck with NaNo, love!

    1. Yessss, I do. Next thing to buy – a typewriter, haha.

      Ooh a vintage desk sounds cool! Do you have a picture of it? I change locations a lot too when I’m writing, but I found that the more comfortable I am, the more lazy I become, haha. That’s not to say my desk isn’t comfortable, but nothing beats the comfort of a bed!

      Thank you, Britt!

        1. Oh that looks very pretty! I might invest in a vintage one once I am more financially stable.

          And Etsy has the most gorgeous typewriters! I had my eye on a beautiful shiny purple one, but someone bought it first. 😦

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