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Sweet Snapshot Sunday #6 – The Italian Edition

If you’ve ever been to Italy, you know there are temptations around every corner. All the restaurants and bistros look supremely inviting, and my friends and I had to resist stopping for a bite at each one. Of course, when it came to dessert… well, that’s a completely different story.

The one thing I wanted to try the most was a genuine, Italian tiramisu. And I did. Dragging our weary selves back from the Vatican and St Peter’s Basilica, we came upon a lovely restaurant called Il Falchetto where we sat out on the terrace and had our first Italian dinner and I had my first tiramisu. With a twist. Did you know tiramisu could come in pistachio? I didn’t either. And I fell in love.


I also licked my way across Italian gelato in almost every city. It is so hard to pick a favourite because they were all so damn delicious and better than any ice-cream I’ve ever had. Special mention goes to one certain gelateria in Florence, called Bar Ponte Vecchio, which served cones so HUGE I was actually stopped by random strangers for pictures.


And let’s not forget the Hot Chocolate*. The glorious, glorious Italian Hot Chocolate that feels like you’re drinking a melted chocolate bar rather than a watery concoction. I had the best drink in Turin, the Italian city of chocolate, in a shop called Stratta in Piazza San Carlo, and coupled it with a delicious, creamy cannoli.


And the macarons! I’ve had macarons before, but never like this. The Laduree treats I’ve tried in both UAE and Lebanon did not come close to the ones we picked up in Italy! And we found this darling little shop – Pascal Caffet – where the elderly woman behind the counter did not understand a word of English and I had to gesticulate madly for her to understand me, and from there we picked up delicious macarons – one pistachio and cherry, and one passion fruit, coconut and chocolate.


On the eve of my 28th birthday, my friends and I were in Rome, and we had a little tea party in a place called Babington Tea Shop, located next to the Spanish Steps. The tea was absolutely delicious, and the chocolate cake was one of the best I’ve had. It was the perfect way (for me at least) to celebrate turning a year older.


In Florence, I entered my first ever Lindt store. I am very grateful I was only carrying a certain amount of money with me that day because I could have easily blown all my cash in that store. I have never seen so much chocolate in one place! It was heaven.


On our final day in Milan, we had our last dessert (and last supper) – Hot Chocolate with tiramisu and cannoli and creme brulee. It was with tears in our eyes that we licked our plates clean. Each one of us was truly miserable to be leaving. None of us wanted to go home.


Since returning home, I’ve been trying to find a place here that serves good cannolis, but in vain. Nothing comes close. 😦 I mean sure, there are some nice dessert shops all over Dubai, but there is something special about sitting in a little corner of Italy, nibbling these flaky pastries and sipping coffees and chocolates.

Maybe again someday.

What was the last dessert you had? Have you tried any of these fabulous treats, in Italy or otherwise? Also – how is your Sunday going? 🙂

* Because it bears repeating, when referring to this drink, when you don’t capitalise it, you’re simply using “hot” as an adjective; i.e. this chocolate drink is hot. But once it cools down, you can no longer apply the “hot” adjective to it, and the drink is no longer what it is. By making it a proper noun, Hot Chocolate, you can now refer to it using that name even after it cools down. In other words, we’ll be able to say that the Hot Chocolate has now cooled down. But I’m probably overthinking it, haha.


8 thoughts on “Sweet Snapshot Sunday #6 – The Italian Edition

  1. Oh wow, what scrumptious pictures. I think I just gained two pounds reading this! That cone is huge! I’ll have to be on the look out for it if I ever get back to Florence.

    1. Haha. Surprisingly enough, even with all this food, I lost weight in Italy! And you should. They had such amazing flavours and are super generous with their servings.

  2. Oh my God, I’m hungry now! Italy and its delicious treats! That ice-cream cone was absolutely huge, no wonder you were stopped in the streets! That Hot Chocolate (I didn’t know about the important difference in spelling, thank you) looks yummy too (now I know why you loved my picture of the Hot Chocolate in Spain ;-)…
    Delicious post! Thanks for sharing!
    Now, let’s get cooking!

    1. Italy had so many delicious treats you couldn’t even tell where to start!

      The Hot Chocolate is just a little thing I invented. I don’t know if it has any merit, but I like that kind of logic, haha. And yes! Thick chocolate drinks are the best! 😀

  3. Haha, yes! I, too, licked my way across Italian gelato in almost every city. I missed out on the hot chocolate though, because it was too hot to think of something like that. Wait, that didn’t stop me from drinking all of those cappuccinos and espressos!

    Last dessert was spot on with this post…tiramisu pie. Have I ever told you I have a pie place freaking attached to my apartment building? This tiramisu wonder is a February special. AKA…I’m in trouble!

    1. Oh no! The Hot Chocolate was a real treat! Did you notice how all their coffees have the right temperature to be downed in one shot?

      I just googled tiramisu pie and just about died. I say it’s DEFINITELY worth the trouble.

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