That time I jumped out of a plane…

I turned on 29 on Monday, and like any other normal person, I celebrated this act of “leveling up“; however, unlike normal people, I did so by jumping out of a plane.

The first seconds of the jump.

That’s actually what I told my tandem instructor – Nick – when he asked me why I’m attempting skydiving on that day – “Well, it’s my birthday today, and I thought – what better way to celebrate than to plunge to my death?” And he immediately took a step back and said, “Whoa, girl. That’s not going to happen today.”

To say I was terrified would be an understatement. As Nick and the accompanying photographer spoke to me and asked me questions, I could only offer one word answers and nod, tight-lipped at everything they said. Nothing against them, because they were just the sweetest, but I was SCARED AS HELL. I nearly tripped as I climbed into the plane out of which we would be jumping.

I was the last person on the plane, meaning I saw everybody drop out like discarded cargo out the open door. Nick did in fact end up pushing me out the door, because I could feel myself resisting him as zero hour approached.

The first few moments were both the best and worst part of the entire thing. That initial confusion and struggle to orientate yourself with your surroundings, followed by that realization that you’re in fact falling out of the sky… I cannot even put into words how exhilarating it all was. We had a whole minute of free fall, during which the photographer kept flying around us and I had to find time between my screaming to smile at the camera.

Then the parachute was pulled, and we had about 10 minutes of floating lazily in the air while Nick pointed out landmarks and chatted with me (probably to ease my nerves). I asked him how many times he’d jumped that day, and he said, “Seven times. And it’s not enough.”

Before I jumped, I couldn’t wait to get it all over with, but now that I’d experienced it first-hand, I could really understand why it wasn’t enough. By the time we touched softly on the ground, I was ready to hop on a second plane – except I was seriously nauseous for the first few moments I nearly forgot to thank Nick, because I was grateful, so incredibly grateful for the experience.

How absolutely amazing is that view?

I was on an adrenaline high for the rest of the day and the day after as well. I wanted to walk up to every person I saw and tell them I’d just jumped out of a plane. When I saw my pictures and video I could not even believe that was me flying around in the air. It was so surreal. But you know something? It was also so liberating. It made you feel like you could do anything, no joke. People at work were calling me the Jumper and Zen 2.0, and I did feel different. There is so much I want to do, and now that I’ve basically defied death, I can’t wait to get started.

Have you sky-dived before? Would you consider it? Now that I’ve done this crazy thing for my 29th, what do you think I should do for the 30th landmark?

P.S. There are more pictures and videos on my Instagram!


10 thoughts on “That time I jumped out of a plane…

    1. I was totally losing my nerve by the time we got on the plane, but it was so worth it! I seriously think everyone needs to try it at least once.

      But yes! Now I have to write about people dropping out of the sky. 😉

  1. I absolutely LOVE skydiving!! Ain’t it the best of things?! So glad you got to experience it for your birthday (happy one, btw!)!
    I did twice: once in southern France in 2006 with one fo my best friends as photographer that day; once more on New Zealand North Island above the bay of 1000 islands, in 2009. Higher than in France, needed oxygen masks before jumping at 5.000 ft.
    One of my favorite experiences ever, along with bungee jumping and paragliding…

    Did you jump above Dubai? Are you currently living there, I forgot?

    Don’t think about your 30th just yet, but will there ever be another experience as absolutely awesome as this one?

    Happy birthday again! Hope you’re high a few days more! 😉

    1. Thank you! And yes – it’s absolutely the best thing ever! Ooh must be nice to jump in France and New Zealand (maybe I should try one of those for the 30th birthday. ;))

      I do live in Dubai! And I actually see people flying with their parachutes all the time, but I couldn’t muster the courage to do it myself. Now I regret not having done it sooner!

      I’m definitely paragliding in Interlaken in May next year! I hear they have sky diving so I might give that a shot too! 😀

  2. You’re so brave! I’ve bungee jumped a few times, but never gone sky-diving. I’m sure it’s an incredible experience (especially in Dubai!). Maybe one day? Er, maybe not. 🙂

    Happy Belated Birthday, doll!

    1. Thank you! ❤

      Oh you should! I never thought I'd do it myself… at least not while I'm so young, haha. But it seemed as good a time as any!

  3. What an amazing thing to do on your birthday! I turn 29 this year too so hey there birthday pal!
    Never in my life have I been tempted to jump out of a plane myself, but reading your thoughts on the experience honestly have me tempted…

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