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WordPress is the new Facebook (at least to me).

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I think I’m coming to realise that WordPress feels more or less like a wordier and more interesting version of Facebook, but with less drama and more people who know their grammar. On WordPress you can have mutual friends, you can read status updates in the form of blog posts, you can like a post and comment on it (but unfortunately you can’t edit or delete it yet – those typos will always haunt me), and you can make friends by following blogs.

In a way, one’s blogging worth is equal to the number of comments, likes and followers they have. I think it’s safe to say that most of us feel happy it when someone comments or likes our posts, or even follows us… I know I do. Alternatively, we would probably feel sad or at least disappointed if our post went unnoticed. Just like Facebook status updates. Maybe it’s silly now, but at one point I used to take down a status update if nobody commented on it or liked it, haha.

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All the good ones are taken!

Have you ever had an idea, dwelled too much upon it and got excited about starting it, only to find that someone already beat you it? It could be anything… a book idea, a paper or even a blog post. It feels like all the good ones are always taken, and you worry that if you try to recycle the idea and adapt it in your own way, you may get called out and criticized by your peers. Worse, you can be accused of plagiarism, and we definitely don’t want that. Once a plagiarist, always a plagiarist… or something like that?

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Me? Obsessed with stats? Surely you jest!

Statistics have always been there. Whether they are honest or not is a different story, but they’ve existed and slowly fed a little something I like to call stats addiction. Whether you’re a blogger, a published writer, a business owner, a gamer … stats addiction comes with the territory. There’s something mesmerizing about watching these numbers rise and fall. When you notice an increase you feel happy, but your spirits sink when there’s a decrease.

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