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The ratings are a lie.

The cat is not amused.

… well, okay, I’ll be fair. Not all the time.

Yesterday I watched a movie that was rated 4.8 on IMDb. I steeled ourselves for a pretty bad experience; however, I ended up being pleasantly surprised. The movie was not bad in the slightest, and certainly did not deserve a rating as low as 4.8. It was a good family movie, filled with funny and touching moments. It put me in a good mood.

On a different note, I watched a movie the other week that was rated 7.1 on the same site, but if left to me I would’ve given it 5 stars tops. It was bland and uninteresting, and I ended up feeling quite disappointed. Actually, I can list many movies where the ratings promised a good watch, but left me wishing I could get the last two hours of my life back.

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A book not worth finishing.

It feels almost ironic that I should receive my first 1-star rating a day after I post about how I hope nobody will ever hate my books. Not only that, but that reader shelved Puppet Parade under “not-worth-finishing” on Goodreads. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it!), the reader did not leave me a text review so I have no idea what warranted putting my book under that shelf.

Thank goodness 0 ratings don't exist. (photo credit:
Thank goodness 0 ratings don’t exist. (photo credit:

How did I react? Well, to be honest I was upset at first. This was my first bad rating and I couldn’t readily accept it! I whined and protested about it for a good few minutes before I checked the reader’s profile  and discovered that they had shelved 31 books as not-worth-finishing, and they had an average rating of 2.95. At that point I felt better. I got the impression that this was the sort of person who judged a book 30 or 50 pages in and associated them with grumpy cat. That’s my mental image and I’m sticking to it! But in all seriousness, why would someone do that? How can you tell what the book’s going to be like a few pages in? Continue reading “A book not worth finishing.”