Oh dear. I wrote like that?

Now that I’ve finished writing The Muse Bunny, I’m faced with something considerably less pleasant than the completion of a novel that has ailed me for quite some time… the dreadful editing process. Or more specifically, the reading-my-novel-and-realising-what-an-awful-writer-I-am process.

Since the writing of this novel spanned more than four years, I’m quite concerned about the differences in style. The way I wrote four years ago differs from the way I write now. Some of my sentence structures are different, I don’t used “pretty” and “seemed to” as often, I pay attention to how many times a word is repeated in a paragraph or a page, I’m a better judge of what is necessary and what constitutes an info dump, I know better not to go crazy with speech tags and I know that too many adverbs can be a bad thing. I also know that too many one-liners on a page can now cause me to twitch.

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My next two characters shall look like Barbie and Ken!

No, no, I kid! Come back. I promise they won’t look like them. And I promise I’m not going to talk about them either. I mostly brought them up because when it comes to appearance, characters with features similar to Barbie and Ken are the most cliché. I admit that I myself have included this cliché in one story at one point in my life, but that’s beyond us now.

Just look at the perfect smiles, eyes and hair, haha.
(Photo Credit: http://www.barbie-game.com)

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