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I am intimidated by huge blocks of text.

Whenever I go book shopping, I like to flip through the pages for a bit, see if I like the writing style, read an excerpt here and there, check the size of the font (this is highly important!) aaaand check if the author has a tendency to write huge blocks of text.

I have quite a short attention span. Whether it’s work or writing or chores, I can’t focus too long on one thing. Books need to be gripping or else I’m lost. I recently picked up Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell based upon a recommendation and the trailer of the upcoming movie. In retrospect, I suppose it’s my fault that I did not look inside this particular book when I spotted it on the shelf, but I’d been looking for it for so long and I was so excited when I found it that I didn’t bother.

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Birthdays should be official holidays! [and a giveaway]

For the last three years my birthday was during the weekend or otherwise on a day where I didn’t have school/work, but today it’s on a Tuesday, which generally sucks, but I’m going to look on the bright side and be thankful that it’s not a Monday and that I’m back to even numbers in terms of age. Yay!

Apart from work, today was pretty nice. I got paid, I went out for cake and books (I got Looking for Alaska by John Green; One Day by David Nicholls; and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell) with my friends and then got treated to more cake at home! I’ve got so much sugar in my blood stream it’s making me hyper, haha.

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