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The roads are a safer place without me.

drivingDriving terrifies me. There I said it. I’m scared of getting behind the wheel and navigating the streets… especially the streets in Lebanon. They are such a disaster. No rules anywhere, motorcycles crisscrossing all over the place, no street lights, cars cutting you off without so much as a warning, people who choose to walk on streets instead of sidewalks… the list is endless.

However, you’ll be surprised to learn that I do actually have a driving license, even if I don’t put it to use. My parents are always nagging me to get a car because they don’t want me riding cabs everyday, and they always end their argument with, “If you never wanted to drive, then why on Earth did you go and get a license?” In fact, my mother said that to me just this morning, which is incidentally what prompted me to write about this.

Well, to be honest, I did want to drive at first, but my driving adventures weren’t really encouraging. Continue reading “The roads are a safer place without me.”


I have no sense of direction.

So I have this problem… it’s quite ridiculous really, and people tend to tease me when I tell them about it.

I can’t tell my left from my right. No joke, I’m seriously terrible at it. I keep mixing up the words themselves, and when I have to decide where each side is I have to hold up an imaginary pen to remember the directions. It’s even worse when someone’s facing me and I have to tell them the directions from their point of view.

Thinking about it, I have no sense of direction when writing either; I don’t know what I’m going to write until I write it… but anyway, that’s a different story.

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