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A Book’s Worst Nightmare

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Having your book converted into a movie would be a dream come true, right? Just think of all the publicity, the wonder of seeing your characters brought to life on the screen,  the people who would come rushing to buy your book to see how it compares with the movie… aaaaaaand that’s where the dream comes to a screeching halt and becomes a nightmare.

After the initial euphoria fades away, you start to think about all the worst-case scenarios: actors you dislike might get chosen to play your characters (I don’t know what I’d do with myself if Kristen Stewart came anywhere near the set), the script writers may decide that your most favourite scene in the book is not worth their time, or worse; they might strip your book from its original ending and give it a brand new one. Yikes. Continue reading “A Book’s Worst Nightmare”

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I missed my own blogiversary!

Out of curiosity, I went back to the very first post on my blog – no don’t go looking; it’s nothing special!  – and to my dismay I found that it was dated 12 March 2012. This means that Zen Scribbles is now 1 year and 1 week old. I can’t believe how quickly the time flies! Sadly I’m on a self-imposed chocolate ban, so no celebratory treats for me today. =[

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If you had told me last year that I was going to keep up with this blog for a whole year, I would’ve laughed in your face. I’m terrible at committing to blogs, and this current one is actually the result of two other failed projects. That said, I’m really pleased I stuck around for so long. So many things happened; I met a lot of fellow writers and made new friendships, one of my posts got freshly pressed, I came across some awesome new reads and learned a few things along the way.

During this year, I learned… Continue reading “I missed my own blogiversary!”

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Q & A with the lovely Dianne Gray, author of The Eleventh Question!

eleventh questionAs part of my resolution to read more indie novels this year, I picked up The Eleventh Question by fellow blogger, Dianne Gray, and did not regret it once. A short and easy read, this novel tells the story of Arista, a teenager with a less-than-idea living situation, who goes through the eleven stages of enlightenment through a series of events that test her and make her ponder the true meaning of life, while in the background a Seer and her apprentice observe her and go through a journey of their own.

I really enjoyed this book. The writing style was great, and the story kept me hooked throughout. I was curious to see what the eleventh question was, and I thought Dianne did a good job choosing which events led to which question, and the end of the book was quite satisfying.   Continue reading “Q & A with the lovely Dianne Gray, author of The Eleventh Question!”

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A review, a giveaway and a chat with Maddie Cochere on everything from writing to cake!

15745400I recently received a tablet as a birthday gift, and I’ve been using it to catch up on reading. First on my list was Maddie Cochere’s Sunshine Hunter, a Susan Hunter mystery.

Sunshine Hunter tells the story of athletic and attractive Susan, who just wants to have a normal life. After some boyfriend troubles, she takes some time off with her best friend and goes to Florida for the weekend… only to be followed by a different kind of trouble over there, involving a stalker and a murder on her head. Continue reading “A review, a giveaway and a chat with Maddie Cochere on everything from writing to cake!”

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A little self-promotion never hurt anyone.

Self published authors are usually pretty much on their own when it comes to promoting their work, so when the opportunity comes along, naturally we will snag it! 😉 I’ve been lucky recently to have some people interested in me and my work, and they certainly do deserve a mention here.

First there’s Carrie Slager, who not only gave Puppet Parade a lovely 4.5 star review, but also took the time to interview me and host a giveaway on her site! If you would like to win one of two free copies of the book, do head over to Carrie’s site and answer the question I posted there. The two most creative answers will win!

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Birthdays should be official holidays! [and a giveaway]

For the last three years my birthday was during the weekend or otherwise on a day where I didn’t have school/work, but today it’s on a Tuesday, which generally sucks, but I’m going to look on the bright side and be thankful that it’s not a Monday and that I’m back to even numbers in terms of age. Yay!

Apart from work, today was pretty nice. I got paid, I went out for cake and books (I got Looking for Alaska by John Green; One Day by David Nicholls; and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell) with my friends and then got treated to more cake at home! I’ve got so much sugar in my blood stream it’s making me hyper, haha.

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An Update of Sorts.

To begin with, I’m having a new giveaway on Goodreads! The winner gets one free copy of Puppet Parade, and the giveaway is international (with just a few exceptions), but I think most of you would be able to enter. Just go here and make an entry! The giveaway is open till the 9th of August. Good luck!

Next, I’ve received three blog awards, and some of them have been long overdue! Thank you, byamadaleigh, for the One Lovely Blog Award; NMNPHX for the One Illuminating Blog Award; and Tiffany N. York for the Kreativ Blogger Award! I appreciate it! And eventually I will figure out how to put the banners in my sidebar, haha.


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I’ll just wait for the paperback to come out.

When a movie comes out, many people don’t bother watching it in theatres and instead opt to go for the DVD, saying, “I’ll just wait for the DVD to come out”, either because it’s not “theatre-material” or because they want to watch it, but are not so excited about it to the extent that they’d buy tickets for it. I’m more or less the same way with books.

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100 Followers Giveaway!

When I started this blog, I had no idea that I’d get to meet so many new people, read so many interesting things and actually pick up some tips here and there. With my previous blogs, I hadn’t properly grasped the concept of blogging and was only interested in getting my words out there, but now I’ve learned that blogging is a relationship that involves hard work and willingness to give back.

And today I want to give back something that is dear to me. Some of you may know that I recently published my first book, Puppet Parade, and it has been a great experience so far. I love this book, and today I would like to share it with some of you! Three of you, to be precise.

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