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Write me a meal.

I love descriptions of food. There are so many ways by which you can describe its appearance, flavour and smell, and when done well, a description can enable you to taste what you’re reading about. Just like it can make you picture a scene in front of you or experience a certain emotion. I want to write a novel about food someday, if only because I know I’d have a field day researching different meals. And I will. I’m already playing with a few elements in the back of my mind.

We start with appearance. When a dish is placed in front of you, it should be aesthetically pleasing, right? You could claim that something is delicious, but if it looks icky then you’d have to pay me to try it.  I want descriptions that can actually make my mouth water without the need to rely on pictures.

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The editing process is endless.

Recently I received a review stating that there were mistakes in my novel that affected the person’s reading experience. Of course I was sad at first, then I became confused. I know I’ve done extensive edits on my novel, so how could there be any errors? I asked the reviewer to elaborate on their complaints… and guess what? It turned out that they were right. I had been so proud of the book, that I failed to notice some of the mistakes that were still there.

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