Puppet Parade – Zeinab Alayan [Book Review]

A fantastic review for Puppet Parade! These just never get old. =’D Thank you so much, Grace!

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puppet paradeSophie has never seen her face. Her step-mother keeps her locked in her bedroom, telling her it is for her own protection firstly due to the illness she suffered as a child and secondly to keep her from seeing her ugly deformed face. Oliver is a puppeteer obsessed with his own creations, keeping himself willingly isolated from the world. Until the day his puppets come to life and run away, and he goes out to find them, but before he sees any of them, he comes across a mysterious young girl in a mask.

The two embark on a journey to get Oliver’s puppets back, but when they get on a train, they really have no idea what they are heading towards.

The best way I can think to describe this is a modern-day fairytale. And it works brilliantly for it. The story moves along at a nice pace, and…

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If you know me, you owe me an excellent review.

My face when I get a good review.
My face when I get a good review.

Authors love reviews. We really, really do. Call it vanity, call it self-indulgence, but we really like it when people sing the praises of our books. At the same time, we feel somewhat afraid of them. I’ve received an okay number of reviews, and fortunately most of them were good, though two or three have managed to make cracks in my cocoon of review-induced happiness.

The best reviews are those written by complete strangers who you’ve never spoken to before, those who love your book  even though they’re not under  any obligation to be nice to you. Such reviews always fill me with such joy. On the other hand you have the reviews that make you feel as if someone wrenched your heart out and stepped on it. Then finally you have reviews from friends and family, which have to be good by default. In my previous post I wrote about how movie ratings are a lie. This applies to books too, where friends and family members are the biggest “liars”. Usually. Continue reading “If you know me, you owe me an excellent review.”

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A little self-promotion never hurt anyone.

Self published authors are usually pretty much on their own when it comes to promoting their work, so when the opportunity comes along, naturally we will snag it! 😉 I’ve been lucky recently to have some people interested in me and my work, and they certainly do deserve a mention here.

First there’s Carrie Slager, who not only gave Puppet Parade a lovely 4.5 star review, but also took the time to interview me and host a giveaway on her site! If you would like to win one of two free copies of the book, do head over to Carrie’s site and answer the question I posted there. The two most creative answers will win!

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I feel stranded without internet!

I wouldn’t say that I’m addicted to the internet, but it’s pretty darn important to me. I need it for my work, to talk to my fiancé (I’m in a long distance relationship), to check up on book-related things, to keep in touch with my friends, to read posts by people I follow… I’m fine with taking some time off to rest and relax, but I really don’t like it when I’m forced to stay away for a few days.

On Thursday I went on a trip with my family to the countryside where they do not have internet and the phone signal is dreadful. The most I could do was text and check my email (and I did manage to send out a single tweet!), and even that wasn’t very easy. =[

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Oh reviews, you tickle me pink!

Reviews are important. There’s no point denying just how much a review affects us, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. Even if the review is generally positive, we still find ourselves paying attention to that very last less-than-good remark the reviewer included as an afterthought. The “If only the author had done this, the story would’ve turned out much better”, or “It’s a good book, but [include bad remark here]”.

That said, however, I actually feel surprised whenever a complete stranger reads my book and compliments it. It’s as if I cannot believe that all that praise is for my obscure novel. I almost want to tell the reviewer, “Hey, are you absolutely sure you’re not reviewing the wrong book?” Haha.

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The feeling when you hold your book for the first time…

… is amazing.

And I mean THE book. The final copy which you are proud of and pleased with and willing to put out there in the market. Sure you get proof copies, but they’re just not the same because you know there’s something incomplete in it, and your happiness is marred by your desire to fix all the things and hold the final version in your hands.

I finally have that version. I’d been checking my mailbox for the last few days, and each time I found it empty I would get a sinking feeling in my chest. But I have it now, and I’m so incredibly happy!

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