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Things I miss from my childhood

Every once in a while, I’ll see something on the internet or come across something while sorting through all my stuff that’ll make me miss the things that used to make up my childhood. Many of these things are either gone, changed drastically from when I was a kid, or else considered not appropriate for my age. I can’t help but reminiscence though. Here some things from my childhood!

1. Doll Houses

Isn’t that gorgeous? I admit my houses weren’t as pretty… or as expensive – this one costs $82,000. Eep.
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I loved playing with doll houses as a little girl. I was an only child for the better part of my childhood, and often I’d find myself playing alone. I used to love playing houses! I had two houses and a bunch of toys that could fit in them and use the furniture, and often I’d spend hours playing pretend games with them and trying to get them to go about their lives. Thinking about it now, it’s kinda like a primitive Sims game, right? Haha.

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