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Introducing my new bookcase!

I raided my local IKEA recently, and part of my loot was a gorgeous black-brown BILLY bookcase. It arrived on Saturday, and I have spent the last couple of days contemplating how best to arrange my books. You see, I’m not used to having so much space. Usually my books have to double-line or sit on top of each other or squeezed super tightly together, but this bookcase is big… bigger than anything I’ve had. Of course, it helps that I don’t have all my books here with me; I had to leave them all behind in my parents’ house when I moved, but I am planning to rectify this.

When my friends asked how I plan to arrange my shelves, I promptly said, without any hesitation, “By height, of course!” They groaned and called me old-fashioned and told me to think of a more original way to arrange everything. And… well, I thought they could have a point there. New bookcase, new rules, right? This is the result.

The bookcase is six shelves in total, but I don't have enough books with me to fill 'er up.
The bookcase is six shelves in total, but I don’t have enough books with me to fill ‘er up.

There are two things to note here:

  1. For the first time in my life, I did not arrange my books by height. Just you wait though, I’m sure my OCD will drive me nuts by the weekend.
  2. The pretty colour transition! I love looking at it! I experimented a bit, tried arranging them by series, then by genre and by author name, but then turned back to this pattern. True, it means that books of the same series aren’t nestled together, but… for now I think it’s lookin’ good!

What do you think? Should I keep it this way or switch to another shelving pattern? How do you arrange your books?

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Dawn of the Sequels.


Book shopping has been proving a little bit difficult lately. Not because I’m trying to cut down on my purchases (though that has been rather difficult), but mostly because whenever I start to pick up a book, I have to consider whether I want to make a commitment to the rest of the books in its family. It’s like wanting to get married to one person, then end up “marrying” the in-laws as well.

… I gotta stop with these weird analogies.

But what I mean to say is: there are just way too many sequels out there today. When I browse the books on the shelves, I try to see if they belong to any series, and whether or not the series is complete. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t have anything against series. Some of my favourite books are part of series. But the thing about series is… once the first book hooks me, I know I’m in deep trouble. Continue reading “Dawn of the Sequels.”