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The ratings are a lie.

The cat is not amused.

… well, okay, I’ll be fair. Not all the time.

Yesterday I watched a movie that was rated 4.8 on IMDb. I steeled ourselves for a pretty bad experience; however, I ended up being pleasantly surprised. The movie was not bad in the slightest, and certainly did not deserve a rating as low as 4.8. It was a good family movie, filled with funny and touching moments. It put me in a good mood.

On a different note, I watched a movie the other week that was rated 7.1 on the same site, but if left to me I would’ve given it 5 stars tops. It was bland and uninteresting, and I ended up feeling quite disappointed. Actually, I can list many movies where the ratings promised a good watch, but left me wishing I could get the last two hours of my life back.

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