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My cure for a bad week.

I’ve been having a less than stellar week, some bad things happened that culminated with the loss of my tablet, the one I use for reading eBooks. To say I was upset would be understatement; I went to bed and cried into my pillow for a bit after the incident happened. I’m coming to terms with it now, and I’m already looking for a (cheaper) replacement as I’ve completely given up hope on retrieving it.

So today I decided to treat myself, and those who read my blog know that there’s no better way to cheer me up than with books and sweets! Yes, folks, it’s time for one of those posts again. I’m thinking it should be a regular segment on this blog! 😉

I discovered that we have the Magnolia Bakery here in Lebanon (I’m guessing some of my American readers will recognize the name). As is the case with any new discovery, I tend to splurge. My sister and I shared a slice of red velvet cake, a Snickers icebox pie with cream cheese frosting, a mini caramel pecan cheesecake, a mini white chocolate macadamia nut cheesecake and finally, a cheese marbled brownie. I was on a sugar high.

An extreme sugar high.

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Come to the dark side. We have an internal light source!

In the raging war of real books vs. e-readers, I always preferred to stay on the fence. I adore books. I love to go to bookshops and just lose myself between the aisles, run my hands across the spins, sit down on the floor (no matter how cold!) and flip through the pages. It’s one of my favourite activities, and while I preferred real books over digital ones, I really didn’t see a problem with e-readers.

Now that I have a tablet I can use to read e-books, I can definitely see the appeal behind them. No, I have not forsaken real books; I even bought ten new books in the past week, and I know will probably get more soon, but I will also read e-books on my tablet, especially in the dark. Continue reading “Come to the dark side. We have an internal light source!”