An Update of Sorts.

To begin with, I’m having a new giveaway on Goodreads! The winner gets one free copy of Puppet Parade, and the giveaway is international (with just a few exceptions), but I think most of you would be able to enter. Just go here and make an entry! The giveaway is open till the 9th of August. Good luck!

Next, I’ve received three blog awards, and some of them have been long overdue! Thank you, byamadaleigh, for the One Lovely Blog Award; NMNPHX for the One Illuminating Blog Award; and Tiffany N. York for the Kreativ Blogger Award! I appreciate it! And eventually I will figure out how to put the banners in my sidebar, haha.


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Back up, back up, back up! Oh, and yeah, back up.

Today may have very well been a disastrous start to this weekend. I returned home from an exhausting day at work, freshened up and had my lunch and everything, then I turned on my laptop. Or at least tried to turn it on.

Windows was starting to load, then suddenly the screen turns black and I get a message telling me that Windows has failed to start-up and I should let Windows try to fix the damage. My first thought was, “Well, laptop, we’ve had a good run. But please try to fix yourself, okay?”

I watch it expectantly, the panic has yet to settle. Then a thought occurs to me: “Did… did I back up?”

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Dear Brain, Please Shut up. Sincerely, One with too little time.

Not too long ago, I remember worrying that at one point I’m going to run out of ideas and I’ll run around like a chicken with its head cut off in an attempt to figure out something to write. At that time I was working on just two novels (one that was on hiatus until I could figure out what to do with the main characters, and the other I was struggling to hold it at the seams), and I thought, “Oh god, is this it? After I finish writing these two stories, will I have nothing to write?”

Thankfully I didn’t have to worry about that for long. In fact, I started worrying about having too many ideas.

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