Hating a popular book is no taboo.

I’ve been reading this book that qualifies as “popular”, probably the most popular among its author’s works. Readers raved about it in their reviews, and it had a high rating on Goodreads, so I thought I’d give it a shot. It can’t be that bad, can it? Boy was I proven wrong.

After my less-than-pleasant escapades with a number of bestsellers that lured me with their pretty covers and abundance of good reviews, you would have thought I’d learn my lesson, but nope. I walked in headfirst, expecting to read something that will blow me away. That was nearly two months ago. I still can’t bring myself to finish this book because reading it feels like a slow and painful death. Continue reading


Pulling a Fifty Shades of Grey.

Many people by now have heard of the piece of fanfiction turned bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey, and I know that currently many people are hating on E.L.James, either for her success, the fact that her writing is terrible, or that she got successful by using someone else’s characters.

I want to touch upon the last point actually. To begin with, there should be no shame in writing fanfiction. I know it receives a lot of negativity, but there’s nothing wrong with writing these stories. As long as the original author’s wishes are respected, there should be no legal issue. A number of famous writers (Cassandra Claire, for example) wrote fanfiction at one point; it’s a great tool that helps you develop your writing skills and receive feedback from people. I often reflect upon my earliest fanfics and compare them with my writing style now, and I feel proud that I’ve managed to come so far.

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