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Reading Habits

I’m a pretty avid reader, and I always try to get my hands on as many books as possible. Some I devour, some I couldn’t wait to finish reading (and not always in a good way). I can’t really tell you how many books and stories I’ve read, but I can tell you what habits I’ve developed along the years. 🙂

  • During the boring classes in school, I would place a book on my lap and read a bit when the teacher wasn’t looking. Sometimes I would also hide a paperback inside the classics they required us to read and pretend to be completely engrossed, while in actuality I would be happily devouring my novel. I only got caught once, and that’s when a girl snitched on me. Mean. =[ Continue reading “Reading Habits”
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I always knew chocolate would get me somewhere.

I was getting ready for bed last night when I get an email notification from WordPress. I click it open, thinking it must be a comment or a reply, but to my immense joy (and shock, mind you) it was an email telling me this post got Freshly Pressed! I couldn’t believe it actually, and I had to read the email twice for the message to register.

Then I squealed so loudly I nearly woke everyone up.The sleepiness was completely gone, and I admit it took me some to be able to sleep after all the excitement, haha. Sadly I didn’t have any Twix to celebrate with, but I commemorated the event with a yummy chocolate cake!

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