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A Family Portrait

Growing up in a family that loves to take pictures, you learn how to avoid all the camera flashes and take cover as soon as someone whips out their camera. I have albums filled with baby pictures, and I enjoy flipping through them, pushing my cuteness under my mother’s nose and learning the story behind each one.However, these pictures gradually became less frequent as I grew older until they stopped altogether with the occasional obligatory passport photos or graduation pics.

You’re always cute as a baby, but when you’re older, there is a great chance your pictures might turn out bad. Another great thing about baby pictures is that they’re never forced, which is more than I can for family portraits.

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The Life and Death of a Chocolate Bar

I see her prowling the aisles, trying to decide what her pick of the day. She comes in here three or four times a week for a sugar fix, usually after she returns from her job. She looks tired, but her eyes gleam as they run over the shiny wrappers. She takes her sweet time deciding what to buy. You can almost see her calculating and weighing the options in her head.

“Pick me! Look at me!”

“No, pick me! I’m nougat and caramel and peanuts!”

“Pft. Who likes peanuts? She wants walnuts and raisins!”

“Oh, you guys, you know she wants a piece of lil’ white me.”

“Oh shut up. Everyone knows white chocolate isn’t really chocolate.”*

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