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Level Up

I turned 27 last October, and try as I might to pretend that age is just a number and you’re only as old as you feel (20!), I still can’t deny that my thirties are just around the corner. I don’t like it. The 20 landmark was awesome, but the 30 one… not so much. No offense to any readers older than 30! You’re all wonderful people, but this is just something I’m trying to handle on a personal level.

So recently my friends and I adopted a particular system. As of this year, we are no longer “aging”. We are leveling up.


Of course this came with a whole new set of rules and variables. In the game of life we’re now playing, things like eating and sleeping have a whole new meaning. 

Sleeping: As we level up, we find ourselves getting tired more quickly and unable to stay up as late as we used to. This is simply due to the fact that we’ve gathered more experience, or XP, over the years, and by the end of the day our health bar is more or less completely depleted because of all the extra tasks we’re performing, so naturally it needs more time to recharge.


Sustenance: Okay, so regardless of the fact that I fall into the category of “people who live to eat”, at higher levels people need proper sustenance to keep them going. Unfortunately, unlike people in beginner levels, the higher you are, the more selective and careful you have to be your food, because anything that isn’t used up by your body will go into your inventory and simply weigh you down. Fortunately, as a higher level human, you have access to more refined foods and can acquire the same amount of energy for less!

Missions: Most of us hate work. As you level up, you become burdened with more people depending on you to save their world (a.k.a. business operations) and rescue their princesses from the clutches of evil (a.k.a. spinsterhood *eyeroll*). Fortunately, unlike your earlier levels, you actually get paid to do this, and not just with gratitude and a pat on the head, but with honest-to-god moola!


Villains: If you’re lucky enough, the only villains you will have to deal with are moola-sucking machines (a.k.a. bills), but the good news is, usually you become more capable of handling those villains and demons as you level up – your moola is more often than not directly proportional to your level, and dealing with villains at higher levels is no chip off your shoulder if you’re more financially secure.

Inventory: Possibly my favourite part about levelling up, because at level 27, I am currently able to acquire items that I could not afford when I was at the bottom of the ladder, or otherwise could not afford the quality I wanted… whether it’s a better laptop, or hardcover books instead of paperbacks… or even fancy pens instead of regular ballpoints. The world is your oyster.

Skills: Much like a swordsman, archer or mage in a video game acquires more skills as they level up, we regular folk do too. Whether you’re a writer, a reader, an editor, a cook… or really any other profession… you acquire more skills as you level up, until you get to a point where you’re so advanced you can no longer see your past self.

So… do any of these hold true for you? How well are you playing your game? Also, I just realised that I don’t know most of your levels! Do share – remember, the higher up, the cooler you are! 😀

Oh, and this is relevant.


27 thoughts on “Level Up

  1. This is a good way of thinking! This also reminded me of a quote from Albert Einstein: “You have to learn the rules of the game, and then play it better than anyone else.”

    1. Aww, I’m sorry to hear that! Hopefully you manage to beat your next challenge (the application and interview process) soon and get even better upgrades!

  2. Lol, I stopped counting my “levels” past 21, so mostly I tell people I’m 21 and many months later. Maybe I should just upgrade it to 24 and many months later…

    1. Ah yes. That difficult level where you face an annoying “boss” and have to keep fighting again and again until you finally beat it.

  3. I love the idea of leveling up! (Though I wouldn’t mind being at level 27 again…) We also worry less about other people’s opinions as we level up. It’s still there, but our skin grows a little thicker with each level we advance. 🙂

  4. I so agree with you! this is a fabulous idea! I’m currently level 35 and have convinced my husband to level up with me (he forgot how to play since he was at level 31 but has agreed to catch up now ahahaha like you he would just say he was “stuck” at level 31)

    but now, it’s so much fun to play together! I also truly love the extra wolds, those you find along the way, well hidden but so full of surprises that lead you to an all-together different wold of actions you wouldn’t have thought possible before.

    Let’s just level up with fun, then!

    1. Hahaha. Well I’m glad you two are having fun playing together! The extra worlds are especially nice, yes – can’t believe I didn’t think of that! All those extra levels that have so much wonder in them. 😀

        1. Oh yes! It definitely becomes more difficult with higher levels, but that’s what makes them so much more worth it when you crack them! 😀

  5. Great idea. I like the sounds of this. If you’re not looking forward to hitting thirty, feel sorry for us that are already way past that level. 🙂

  6. I think it’s better to think of getting older as Pokemon evolutions. In a few more years you’ll evolve into “Thirtichu” and gain new skills like “getting up off the floor with some effort” and “deciding whether to go to a party or not based solely on the parking situation.” All good stuff.

    1. Hahaha. I didn’t think of that! Though if we’re talking Pokemon-wise, I’d much rather be able to choose my evolution à la Eevee!

  7. I am about to hit level 49, this is the level where you run frantically from room to room looking for health packs.

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